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New domain name! PLEASE READ


Due to improvements we are making , C4D Cafe  is ready for future upgrades and new opportunities. We will be periodically down in following period since we are moving to new domain name. Our new domain and community name will be core4d.com. As a member you don't need to take any action, only the address will change and all your content will be intact. C4DCafe.com will redirect you to core4D.com for some period of time until everyone is used to new name. 


Thanks for understanding!


Your Community Staff

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    • Igor

      New chapter begins! 
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    • U Render

      This wooden cat is awesome! Isn't it?
      Our 3D artist Peter received a wooden cat toy for Christmas last year. 
      Obviously his first thought, after having built it, has been to render and animated it with U-RENDER. 
      Here is the workflow he followed:
      - he took a picture of every part of the wooden cat and of the background,
      - he created splines for each body part of the wooden cat,
      - he extruded every piece,
      - he created the exploded view animation with Cinema 4D,
      - he set up a 3point lighting and diffuse image based lighting in order to give an eye-catching mood to the scene.
      The realtime rendering technology of course did the rest: Fast and clean, it gives you immediate and noise-free results.
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    • U Render

      Manatee - 4 simple steps to get stunning results in realtime rendering.
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