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When HOME started production in October 2019 our world seemed a different place. The film completed in April 2020. Its message is still as important - perhaps even more so.



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1 minute ago, DeoGregz said:


Agreed, really amazingly done. Brings some goosebumps. How it looks, world is going into that direction...

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Powerful.  The animation is beautiful.  Just wondering why the actor had to be computer generated as I found myself more absorbed by how well the animation was done than the power of his words and message it carried (it was beautifully written as well).  Would people still watch it if it wasn't CG?  Would we not be compelled to invest the 3 minutes of our time on this subject if was just a real live person sitting in that wheelchair?  I wonder if there is a making of video that might shed some light on why that choice was made as there is nothing at the Pixoloid web-site.


This animation does bring up a short story idea I had some time ago.  Imagine that just like in this video, humanity had to flee to the moon to survive when the earth became uninhabitable.  500 years later, the earth has healed itself and is once again pristine but mankind has lost the ability and resources to return.  All they can do is train their telescopes on the earth and yearn to return to its Eden like environment.  The mystery is why and how did the people on the moon lose that capability for space travel?  There is nothing in their historical records about that time in their history.  And is that capability really gone after all or deeply hidden as there are those who do NOT want us to return.   Other twists would be that the earth really does still have some humans living on it as they are spotted with a telescope next to what appears to be an old rocket ship that has not been used for some time.  Where did that come from?







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