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Houdini | UE5: Project Titan




Project Titan is an in-house tech demo designed to production test Houdini's procedural workflows while creating a 3D environment that leverages the latest technologies in Unreal Engine 5. The tools and techniques created for this demo will be shared with the community as learning materials and downloadable content.


Project Titan | SideFX


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I love the scene creation tools.  I have to imagine all those tools are part of Houdini more so than UE.


Will C4D nodes ever give us that capability?  That should be the goal along with an in-house C4D team of expert node developer's growing and adding those toolsets over time.


Ahhh....to dream.



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43 minutes ago, zeden said:

What are you missing? You can build that stuff in C4D ever since Mograph appeared:



LOL, you can model this in Sketchup, that's not questionable. What you cant do is directly hook a tool and link it to a UN. What you cannot do, is to create procedural complex structures, which you can do in Houdini. On top of that what you cannot do, is simulations on top of everything. SO yea, what you shared is nothing in comparison what this video above demonstrates. 


One might believe at some point this will be possible with Scene nodes, but its questionable will C4D ever have the abilities of the Houdini engine and then there are more things.

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We all know that mograph can add floors to a building, but can it change the window shapes and have the window moldings adjust accordingly or change the footprint/shape of the building and have the windows, doors, and Fire escapes adjust accordingly.  There was a huge number of procedural modifications being shown toward the end of that video with pipes, handrails, hoses, even pipes on pipes, etc. that were listed at 1:40 mark.  No way could present day MoGraph even touch that level of complexity.


Again, getting to that level of procedural sophistication in C4D should be the goal with capsules.  Many will think it is impossible or too much to ask, but better to set a high bar and get halfway there then meet a low bar set at ground level.


You will never get anywhere if you don't have to struggle to reach for it.



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One thing that SideFX doing right is the fact that they are testing a pipeline workflows and trying to fill the gaps by understanding the need of an artist. Another thing to know is pretty much all of this is build with higher level nodes, tools. This is also something unique to Houdini. In that regard all DCC apps are far away from Houdini. No need to use VEX which is pure programming language or VOPs which closest to be what Scene Nodes are. 

And yes, Capsules are similar to Houdini HDAs, if not the same thing. Problem is Scene Nodes are still not there so it's questionable what could be built upon them that can be useful in production. 

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