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ABCLoop Tool 2.0

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ABC LOOP v.2 is a xpresso based tool designed to control an imported abc file in a scene. It's an improvement from a later version that i developed.

The cinema 4d's inbuilt abc container is quite limited when it comes to edit in order to create perfect and custom loops, and with the increasing usage of abc files inside cinema 4d for caching purposes, we need more control features.


Sometimes users need to create animation loops from an abc file but somehow the file is not exported the right way. With this tool we can select the desired frame range and also decide when to start and stop the animation. Also we can manipulate other aspects of the abc file like the speed, the animation curve, reverse it, add fields in order do generate random speeds across multiple abc instances etc.


This tool serves one abc object at a time but we can put on several by using the set driver and set driven commands.


I've also included a test alembic  with a 50 frames animation in order to play with it. Instructions jpg also included.


I hope it helps in future projects

If you find bugs or want to sugest new features, please comment.



João Batista





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