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3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D representation of any surface or object by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space. You can see the results of 3D modeling in movies, animations, and video games filled with fantastical and imaginative creatures and structures.


Hard Surface modelling is any polygon modelling or spline/ generator based workflow, where subdivision is not involved. Typically most used in arch-viz work or when making manufactured objects.


Organic Modelling is the process of creating smooth, flowing curvature and natural organic meshes such as to describe nature and living creatures and typically non man-made objects.  Primarily this involves subdivision surface poly modelling and / or sculpting.


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Sculpting, which is primarily used for character design, involves modelling with millions of polygons in a very artistic, non-technical way via direct manipulation of a surface with a range of sculpting 'brushes'.

A UV map is the flat 'unfolded' representation of the surface of a 3D model used to precisely wrap textures around it where standard projection modes are not applicable.

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Posts here refer to the various ways of getting 3D files into and out of Cinema 4D for use with other programs.

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