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Dials - was Wheel of Tools


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  • 2 weeks later...

I guess I have given plenty of time for those having downloaded the beta version to allow to provide their feedback.

Time for this plugin to be released to the public.


It has now been made available in my "C4DS plugins" blog.



If you'd like to comment, make suggestion, ... please continue doing so in this thread.

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20 minutes ago, Juanf said:

In the registered version, can we add and remove entries as well the icon size?


Yes, the registered version is fully functional.

The unregistered version has limited features and as such is meant to discourage people uploading it to other fora ... and taking credit as the plugin being "their work".


Since registering the plugin is free, I don't see why anyone would be using an unregistered version ... unless they don't have a legitimate and valid Cinema 4D serial number to provide.

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Hi Daniel,


I have experienced a weird "bug", I added a command from CV but when I restarted C4D the icon has disappeared although the function is there and it works if I click on the empty space. I'm on Win 10 and R19.





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On 8/21/2018 at 1:24 PM, Juanf said:

I have experienced a weird "bug", I added a command from CV but when I restarted C4D the icon has disappeared although the function is there and it works if I click on the empty space. I'm on Win 10 and R19.


Thanks for reporting.

I had tested by adding other plugins as entries in the wheel of tools, and that was working OK. However, I never tested the dial AFTER restarting Cinema.


The problem is that when the plugin is loaded by Cinema it initializes the dials and its icons. Unfortunately, at that moment other plugins might not have been loaded yet ... and as such that particular plugin cannot be found, nor its icon.



Plugin has been updated to v1.0.3, fixing all reported issues.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Have tried my hands at making the plugin R20-compatible.

I will refrain from describing the horror and frustrations ...

As this was my first endeavors with the new SDK, I hope things will go smoother for other plugins I am wanting to update. Fingers crossed (*)

I am sure I overlooked a few things in fixing the implementation to compile and run on R20, so don't be surprised when this version of the plugin explodes in your face.


R20 version of the plugin has been made available in the blog (mentioned earlier).


For those having registered the plugin (and provided some donation to obtain updates ... thank you for that) please provide the 11 digits of your new serial number in order to register the plugin for R20.




(*) I don't have high hopes, as this plugin was a really "simple" one, still requiring quite some days of work to adjust to get it working on R20.

Not really looking forward to the more complex plugins.


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  • 1 month later...

After all the trouble of updating my plugins to R20 I finally found some time to actually work on updating "Dials".


Version 1.1 will provide for a drag-n-drop configuration. In the short demonstration video I am using the shortcut "Shift-C" to open the built-in Commander and look up the available tools.

I then select and drag the required tool from the Commander to the Dials' configuration window.

The same could be done from the "Customize command window", or any other means that allows tools/commands to be dragged.



Still "work in progress" at this time, while looking to add some more features.

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