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Dials - was Wheel of Tools


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  • 1 month later...

Have been working on some more features.

This was the main purpose of the whole Dials plugin ... being able to provide multiple "favorites" per tool.

It did take up quite some time before getting to that point. And I am still not release ready. There are still quite a few hurdles before reaching the finish.


But providing, now and then, some updates on the status of the work does help keeping focused on the end goal.



Since its original release the plugin has been downloaded about 250 times. Sadly only 9 people have taken the opportunity to register it.

And only 5 found the plugin useful enough in order to provide for a donation. A big thank you to them for supporting me.

Unfortunately, while being generous, these few donations didn't manage to compensate for all the effort spent developing the original plugin. Let alone all the extra effort needed for the follow-up. Lesson learned.


Note: one of the reasons I have taken down the registration for the plugin, is that more and more users where providing an invalid serial number (cracked software).

Not to sure what to think of that, but yet another lesson learned.



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  • Customer

That is awesome!  Sad to hear all that.  Your work is truly appreciated by me.  I use Dials all the time. It's great with a wacom tablet and It's nice to have a simple Pie menu in addition to C4D's built in popups.  I just wish I could have more than one.  

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14 minutes ago, C4DS said:

Note: one of the reasons I have taken down the registration for the plugin, is that more and more users where providing an invalid serial number (cracked software).

Not to sure what to think of that, but yet another lesson learned.

Nothing you can do here, it is what it is. Hopefully, MAXON will find a solution so everyone can use legit software as the price is a little bit too pricey for regular folks. 

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Follow Houdini PolyMarvels  YouTube | Twitter | Discord

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Thanks for the feedback

3 minutes ago, stoecklem said:

I just wish I could have more than one.  


"Toolsets" have been designed. But I still need to find a way to provide this into the configuration window.

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Damn - sorry to hear about the register/donation thing.
I wasn't using C4D that much for a while and forgot to check back in to the Café and totally missed that opportunity.
Still love the Dials and also your latest additions, like the favorites - looks awesome! 
Hopefully you will make the registration + donation available again or an option for a regular purchase - thanks!

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I am in the process of finalizing the update of Dials.

Still a few minor changes to do, and then the usual building on macOS. As well as porting to R20 (both Windows and Mac).


New in this update are :

- drag-n-drop for adding tools

- favorites (via drag-n-drop)

- support for multiple tool sets



While the plugin was originally designed to work for tools only, a side effect of its design is that other parts of Cinema 4D can be dragged to the tool sets as well.

Scripts, primitives, deformers, ... And these can be executed from the dials just like the regular tools.

Unfortunately, favorites currently only work for tools. Maybe in future updates this can be extended as well.

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7 minutes ago, bezo said:

Would be nice to restrict colors, for example red color for negative values/Off/disable , green for positive values/On/Enable and blue (and all other if more) for other parameters.



If you create a favorite with "mixed" settings, one checkbox on another off ... what would the restriction be?

Besides, why restrict? The user can adjust the colors the way s/he wants.

It is up to the user to define his/her favorite, which values are on/off, positive/negative ... So, choose your color the way you want.

I also figure everyone has their own methodology of what colors best fit with what settings. Who am I to restrict anything?



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  • Customer

It was just idea to restrict object/tool parameters to color "code" :)

For user with adjusted 25 objects/tools in Diag could be hard to memorize all presets. And just "class" color could determine action of this preset without opening tool.

But as you said, if user could adjust color as he wish, it´s only up to him...

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