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Dials - was Wheel of Tools


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7 hours ago, stoecklem said:

That is great..I'd love to test it out.  (I still only have a gmail account that blocks everything though) 

I will contact you when I get a release version ready. And will provide you with a link from a gmail account ... no blocking out anymore.

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On 2/13/2019 at 2:14 PM, stoecklem said:

OK. Cool.  (I look forward to getting my hands on Seamilar and PolyGnome when I finally get a little spare cash) Thanks!  

Both you and @RobertL should have received the updated version. I have added some documentation regarding the script, and even added a script example.

Looking forward to both your feedback, before providing the update to other customers.


As for Seamilar, PolyGnome (as well as Dials), they're currently still 15% off, and EasyUV is at 40% discount ... for the whole month of February.

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On 4/28/2019 at 8:21 PM, thanulee said:

Heya, how can i get this plugin? There is no price at ur webpage. Let me know. cheers

There is an order form with all the details.

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The original Dials was limited to the 3D viewport only. When I designed and implemented the plugin this limitation was fine enough for me. I only use this plugin to speed up performing actions when working in the viewport.

However, recently I noticed this plugin would also be handy to have when using in combination with my Seamilar plugin. Allowing to have direct access to the UV tools when working in its own UV view window.

So, I went looking for a way to extend the original plugin. Skipping the technical details ... (<yawn> boring!!!) I found a way to get it working for R16 upto R20 ... on Windows. Digged a little deeper and managed to get it to work on macOS ... "kinda".



The Dials widget can now be used outside of the 3D viewport, even outside of the main Cinema4D application window.
Tested on single and dual monitor setup. The plugin now has an additional colored ring behind the icons, allowing to contract against the background. The transparency of this new colored ring can be adjusted in the settings.


I am providing this new version as a free beta-version to existing customers, with no further support.

Unfortunately this version will probably never leave the beta stage, as there are just too many issues with R21.



While not being able to provide a same experience for R21 users as for R16-R20 users, I have managed to get something working for R21 (Windows and macOS). Albeit with limitations due to a bug in R21, which probably only will get resolved in R23 "at the earliest".



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1 hour ago, Dez said:

Good afternoon!
I am very interested in Dials, but the site is not available.
Development is frozen?

Good afternoon as well.

I stopped selling my plugins a while ago. You might find some more info in following topic.



I have been looking into providing some of my plugins as downloadables here (see EasyUV as a first step into that direction).

But due to lack of interest - and feedback - I am not sure I still want to put time and effort into this.

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On 7/27/2021 at 3:59 PM, Dez said:

Development is frozen?


Reconsidering, I have updated the plugin to version 1.4.

Having taken the opportunity to setup a building environment for R23 and S24 on Windows and macOS.

This is becoming quite a hassle. Which reminded me of one of the reasons having contributed to quit the plugin-business.


The plugin(s) will be available shortly in the download section.


While I am not selling plugins anymore, feel free to donate for this or other plugins you download, use, and appreciate.

I am saving up for a Redshift perpetual license, before they go subscription ... so any and all donation, great or small would be gratefully appreciated.

It might also motivate me to release version 2 of this plugin, overcoming the limitation of the first version to only be used in a 3D viewport.


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