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Dials - was Wheel of Tools


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On 7/31/2021 at 1:53 PM, dast said:


Reconsidering, I have updated the plugin to version 1.4.

Having taken the opportunity to setup a building environment for R23 and S24 on Windows and macOS.

This is becoming quite a hassle. Which reminded me of one of the reasons having contributed to quit the plugin-business.


The plugin(s) will be available shortly in the download section.


While I am not selling plugins anymore, feel free to donate for this or other plugins you download, use, and appreciate.

I am saving up for a Redshift perpetual license, before they go subscription ... so any and all donation, great or small would be gratefully appreciated.

It might also motivate me to release version 2 of this plugin, overcoming the limitation of the first version to only be used in a 3D viewport.


Badly need this as soon as possible.

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3 hours ago, niroshanb said:

Badly need this as soon as possible.

I gather you already have checked the download section and obtained the plugin.

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1 hour ago, deck said:

Hi Dast

Im using Dials on my R18, should I upgrade my plugin or is the new version just for later versions of cinema.



If you had previously purchased the plugin you should have received an e-mail with details about changes in version 1.4

Next to changes in the licensing there are some minor bug-fixes in 1.4. so it would be best to download and use the latest version.

I have uploaded separate version of the plugin that run in the different versions of CInema4D.

In your case you would only need to download the one supporting R16-R19.

But feel free to (also) download the other versions if you have more recent versions of Cinema4D.

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Cheers Dast


Just found the email, I should take time to set it up properly. I never have found an ideal layout but figured I could get close with dials.

Thanks again.



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I checked in R21 and S24. In both versions, the plugin does not appear in the list of available plugins. And is not found in the list of commands on Shift+F12 "Dials".
I move the "Dials" folder from the archive to the plugins folder. Is there anything else that needs to be done?

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  • Customer

Is your c4d version R21.207?

With plugins folder you mean plugins  folder from inszallation directory or preference plugins folder?

If here or there, in Preferences/Plugins tab add path to plugins folder where you have Dials installed.

Check also in Console if there´s some info about Dials...








Just see your screenshot. Default installation of c4d sometimes (especially for some plugins) have some issues with win restrictions etc., So you could simply create for example somewhere on C or D drive folder named "R21 Plugins", paste Daniel´s plugin into that folder and inside c4d in Preferences/Plugins add path to that folder....

...also remove all other Dials folder from previous folders to be sure just one plugin installation exist

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