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EasyUV (R16-R21 only)


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  • 2 months later...

A few weeks ago, while preparing a tutorial about EasyUV and Seamilar, I discovered some bugs in the plugin and spent some time fixing them.

As mentioned in other threads I am mainly working and developing with R20, as this feels the most comfortable. With bugs fixed in the R20 implementation, I then "simply" had to port the changes to previous version. This went fairly well, and testing of the R20 and previous releases indicated no further bugs (as far as I could tell).


However, while porting the changes to R21 was not a problem either, testing revealed quite some surprises.
I encountered two issues within the implementation of the new GUI in R21 and contacted MAXON SDK support about these. One of the problems was a performance hiccup, while the other was rather cosmetic, and I provided MAXON with sample code to reproduce both. The perfomance related one was confirmed, and I would be contacted later with possible workaround (if any). The other, in my eyes less important, hasn't yet been accepted nor rejected by MAXON.


What I am trying to say is that while I do have a new version available for R16 - R20, I would rather wait to have a final response about the issues with R21 before releasing this 1.3 version of the plugin. I would prefer to release a single update containing changes for all supported Cinema 4D releases. Thanks for your patience.



As mentioned  in the following blog post, version 1.3 of EasyUV will be provided to existing customers, without a proper fix for R21.



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  • 11 months later...

Having stopped the plugin business entirely, I am contemplating providing this EasyUV plugin free of charge.

Since R23 has its own updated UV tools, and actually breaking the functionality of EasyUV in the process, I don't see the need to provide this for R23 (and up).


It would be made available for R16 upto R21, Windows and macOS.

Obviously with R21 experiencing the aforementioned issues.


So, before I spend time making this plugin "license-less" ... anyone interested?


And if anyone would be willing to create a beginner-friendly tutorial featuring this plugin, that would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 7 months later...

Few months have past since last message. While no one reported being interested I have provided the plugin in the download section, free of charge (donations as token of support are always welcome and appreciated).


I have spent some time working on the next iteration of the plugin.

With version 1.4 I looked into implementing a bounding-box transform tool. As well as avoiding the need to manually apply an EasyUV Seam Tag to each object you want to unwrap. The tool will automatically assign the needed tag the first time a seam is applied.


The reason for this is that I wanted to provide all the new changes into my Seamilar plugin, but EasyUV - being a smaller sibling - was the better starting point, as it provided for more experimentation with the existing code ... without breaking too many existing functionality.

As mentioned earlier, this EasyUV plugin is merely focused on providing an easy way to unwrap your UVs. Therefore, few manipulation tools are present.

It's bigger brother (Seamilar) is meant to provide those extra needed manipulation tools, and will soon see the additions made to EasyUV being added ... all depending on the feedback received on EasyUV.


Note that the included documentation is for version 1.3, which required a license.

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  • Igor featured this topic
  • 2 weeks later...

As I haven't updated the documentation yet I have added 2 more demonstration videos to the first post: one showing the Export UV Canvas feature, and another to demonstrate the Bounding Box Transformation.

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28 minutes ago, Cold Love said:

... just i need check is it work with R23 and R24.

As mentioned in the first post the plugin only works in R16 upto R21. Does not work in S22, R23, S24, ...

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6 minutes ago, Cold Love said:

How can buy it.

if i buy Seamilar is it enough or should buy EasyUV & Seamilar.

My plugins are not available for purchase anymore.

Please read the first post of this topic. There you will find out the differences between EasyUV and Seamilar. The first post also mentions you can find EasyUV in the downloads section.

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  • dast changed the title to EasyUV (R16-R21 only)

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