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Redshift Test Skin/Hair Tyrion


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Hi guys.


After seeing Redshift was on sale I thought id give it a go with the demo.  I picked my last render to compare it with so used the same scene.  It took me a good while to translate things which its still 100% but I think it makes a comparable render to Vray Alsurface.  Vray Alsurface took 5hours,  Redshift took 2hr 3min.  Same multi pass setup and basic post.


Cpu 5930k 6core "4.3ghz

GPU GTX 780 g6b







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Yea Im thinking of getting it, Chaosgroup has left me with a render engine that I cant use by r21 onwards unless I keep going back to older version of C4D all the time.  IPR is nice to have for sure, and like you said a GTX 1070 to down the line will speed it up even more.


Its hard to convert a scene when its tailored for another render engine.



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5 hours ago, zeden said:

I can only recommend not going lower than a 1080 ti 11gb with GPU rendering. Better a used 1080 or Titan X or even make the move to the 2080s. AMDs I don’t know

What impact does the gpu memory have, was thinking of 2x gtx 1070ti when I can afford them but get a single 1070ti now?



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If the scene fits in card memory... 6, 8, or 11 GB won't matter.

11GB is better - you can handle bigger scenes without needing Redshift to use out of core memory - which will slow things down - but unless you're dealing with huge geometry and multiple massive texture maps an 8GB card will do fine.

I recently rendered 8 million instances (circa 25 billion polys) on my 3x 1070 Ti's (8GB) without a problem ; )

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