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Copy and paste pose morph keys?

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Hi, Ive been trying to follow along with this thread. I have a Daz export with a facial pose morph tag (unrigged) that I want to transfer the pose morph to an identical mesh (rigged, because of daz export not seeming to include morphs on latest release) The conclusion of this thread as far as I can make out seems to state you simply copy the tag over and it should work. Is this correct? because thats not working for me.


The only movement Ive managed to get at all is to make a new morph tag on the new rigged mesh, and drag the poses from the included null of the old mesh into the poses window of the edit tab on the new morph tag. This is doing something, but unfortunately giving strange deformations. Im very new to pose morphs any help appreciated.


Edit, ok got it working immediately after I posted this lol. I had to set the base pose in the neutral first, then add the other poses. hope this helps someone else.

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