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Fracture Multi Shader Flicker

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I'm spline wrapping a capsule onto a bunch of tracers eminating from some particles. The capsules sit in a Fracture object to make them separate objects to able to use the Mograph toolset on them. It's mostly working as expected, but when I try to use the Mograph Multi Shader to assign a random color to the capsules they behave erratically and some are flickering between the colors occasionally. All I want is for the capsules to have a random color set from within a given color range and keep that color forever. Hopefully there is a tweak to the current setup that will solve it? Or if not I'm open for other solutions, just hopefully without having to duplicate the setup a bunch of times or so. Anyone know how to fix this?


Thanks in advance!


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Thanks a ton Hrvoje! That helped indeed, and led me to solving my color problem in my actual X-particles setup through emitting all the needed particles at frame 1, and then trigger their movement a few at a time. The simulation now works well running in the viewport, but when I try to render it with the Standard renderer it fails within a few frames every time. If I lower the amount of shapes alot it renders as expected but that is unfortunately not an option. I guess I'm using the Spline wrap and the Fracture object in a combination that is not meant to be perhaps. Is there maybe a way to bake out the whole sim to be able to render it properly? Or any kind of workaround? I finally got the result I've been after for quite some time and now I can't get it rendered, frustration galore.. :)

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