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How to Post Topics


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Welcome to the Core 4D NEW forums, and thank you for taking the time to view this post, which covers how and where you should post in order to get the fastest and best results. It also advises newcomers where to look first so that we get a minimum of repeat questions that have already been answered or are addressed elsewhere.


1. Introducing yourself...


If you are new to the core, do pop to the New Members Category and do a post to say hello.

Title it something like 'Hello from XXXXX' and tell us a bit about you, your artistic history and your 3D plans !


2. Questions about something you are trying to do in Cinema 4D. 


Our Categories are based around key areas of Cinema 4D, so go to the MAIN FORUM PAGE, and look down the list of Categories, and think what is the main area of Cinema about which your question might apply.  Very often it should be obvious where to post a question, but that is not always the case. Sometimes questions span multiple areas. Try and choose the Category that relates most to your question, rather than other things in your scene. If you are not sure, pop it in Miscellaneous Questions and we will move it for you when we have enough info to do so.




Example Questions:


Q: How can I make / model this ?

Category: Modelling / Various


First of all SEARCH for keywords in your question across the whole site. We may have answered your Q already. If you can't find the answer that way, go to the Main Modelling Category and look at the various subcategories within that. Choose one you think most suitable and start a new post there.


Using the core's image upload system upload a couple of pics of what you are trying to make, and tell us your level of modelling experience, together with any ideas you may have had, and what, if anything you have already tried.  If you have a .c4d file that isn't too massive, upload that as well. The more info we have, the better we can help.


Q: I've done this, but it's all going wrong...

Category: Various


First of all SEARCH for keywords in your setup across the whole site. We may have answered your Q already. Think about your project and the things in it , and specifically WHAT is not doing what you want.

Pick a forum section based on the problem rather than any other components of your setup. If you have a scene full of modelling and texturing, keyframe animation etc, but you think the problem is something to do with MoGraph, then the Mograph Category is where it should go. Make a new Post in the most relevant category you can find.


For these sorts of questions, always upload the c4d file, or if it is too big, upload to Dropbox or similar, and then link to your post. Maybe post a screenshot or 2 as well so that members don't necessarily have to load your scene file to get an overview of the issue. If a problem is especially complex, you can even make us a video that explains it, and upload that to YouTube, again linking to your post.


Q:  How do I use the XXXXXX tool ?

Category:  Various


You may not need to post at all about this - The manual can probably give you the essential information, or Youtube probably has a tutorial or 10 about it, so search there first using the terms 'c4d' and 'tool name', which will usually reveal lots of results. But if you have checked those places and do need to post, then please find the relevant section to which the tool you are interested in belongs and post there. 


Q:  How do I make this sort of texture ?

Category: Texturing / UVs / Various


Pop to the category above and choose the most relevant subcategory for what you'd like to use to make the texture.
If you think Nodes is the way to go, there's one for that. Likewise Standard and PBR materials for any question about those workflows...

We have categories for 3rd Party Renderer Textures, and Substance pipelines.


Always Upload a pic to show us what you are aiming for, and if applicable, what yours looks like now !


Q:  I am using Cycles for C4D, but have a problem with the Tracer.

Category:  Mograph


We have separate categories for 3rd party renderers, but please only use them if your problem involves those render engines. The question above should go in the MoGraph (general) Category because the Tracer doesn't involve Cycles. But if the question was about cameras or textures or lighting, that does involve cycles, so should go in the appropriate 3rd Party Renderers category.


Q: I have no idea where to post this...

Category: Other / Misc Questions


When you just don't know where to put it, Misc Questions in the Other Department is the answer.


Q: Where is the New Users & Beginners category ?

Category: N/A


That no longer exists. Please use the most correct of the new topic-based Forum Categories instead.




3. Posts showing us things...


Discussions is mostly for non-questions. Here you will find the right places to buy or sell stuff, discuss non-Cinema things, and get latest news and core announcements. It used to be called 'The Lounge'.


Q: Look I found this cool new thing !

Category: Discussions

Show us the new exciting things you find In the General Discussions sub-forum... 

Unless it's a plugin, in which case it goes in Xpresso & Python / Plugins

Q: Look I made this cool new thing !

Category: Rendering & Lighting / Wip-Final Images / Gallery


The WiP / Finals Category in the Rendering / Lighting Section is the place to post the artwork you have made when you are ready to show it off. Works in Progress should expect advice and possibly criticism, so tag it WiP if you want to encourage this.

Final images can go here too, especially if you'd like feedback, but why not upload those (no WiPs please) to the Gallery as well ? Please title them nicely and complete the other info when you do this. If we like your uploads they may well appear in the Homepage Gallery Slider at  some point. Please also vote on other people's work in the Gallery, which helps us choose.




General Posting Etiquette.


  • Site Search (top right) is your friend.
  • Please post in English only. If necessary use Google Translate.
  • Make sure your Profile is showing the correct version of the software you are using. Often advice is version-dependent. If it is wrong, go to your profile, find the Edit Profile Button (top right) and change it therein.
  • Please make sure you have checked the manual before you post a basic question. You can right-click most items or properties in Cinema, and choose show help to get right to it.
  • Try and make your questions as detailed and specific as you can. The more precise your question, the more precise the answers you will get. Don't make your question too wide-ranging, general or vague.
  • Do not post the same question more than once, or in multiple categories - duplicates get deleted straight away.
  • Tell us how much experience you have in Cinema.
  • If you have tried stuff already, tell us what.
  • Always upload a scene file (.c4d) if that would help us understand the problem better.
  • If that scene is too big to upload directly, upload it to Dropbox etc instead, and link it.
  • If your scene files are huge, copy just the problem elements into a new file, or otherwise simplify it, and upload that instead. This can also be helpful for avoiding client NDA issues.
  • Try to avoid posting linked images - use the core's own image upload system instead.
  • Please only upload *.jpg, *.png ,*.c4d or *.zip.
  • If your question / scene upload involves texture maps, please include them in the upload (do Save Project with Assets, and zip the folder that creates).
  • If your question is very complicated to explain, why not make us an explanatory video using screen capture software, but please note this cannot be uploaded directly to the Core. Instead you can  use Youtube or similar, and link it to your post.
  • Use the Likes System to thank or react to the people who are helping you...
  • Title your posts relevantly and accurately - a post titled just 'Help me' helps nobody help you, and reduces the amount of people who will click on it. Conversely, a well-titled post will quickly gain the attention of the people with the right skills to be able to answer it.
  • Try and spell key words correctly, which helps with later searches.
  • Try not to use phrases like 'Help me now,' or 'Urgent' etc. People will help in their own time.
  • If you find the answer before we do, post it and share your solution...
  • Only add Tags if they are relevant, and not the same as the category you posted in !
  • If you do get your question answered, don't forget to Mark it Solved at the top of the thread.
  • Be nice to each other, and enjoy the learnings we can all have together !


Happy Posting !


Team Core4D

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