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Responsive Skirt Rig


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Hey guys! This is my first post on C4D Cafe, but having following quite a few threads over the past year.

I'm busy rigging an old granny character that has a long skirt on from her hips to just below her knees. The character is rigged with the advanced biped rig. I'm wanting to rig her dress in similar fashion as the example below. Any ideas? 


Idea was to have the position of the leg joints drive the position of the dress joints, Similar to the concept of lip pushing (

Thanks everyone!

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I did that initially. Unfortunately the problem that I then ran into is that because there is a large gap between the skirt and the legs, when the legs lift up forwards, the skirt deforms incorrectly. I want to the skirt to only deform when the legs come into contact with it.

What I did now was I used joints from the top to the bottom of the dress 8 times around the skirt. Then I weighted the hips to the top part  of the skirt, and then the new skirt joints to the lower part. It seems to work well. However, I still don't know how one would drive the skirt joints when coming in contact with the leg joints


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There are several solutions to this challenge, the most obvious would be to drive the skirt movement with a cloth sim. Unfortunately, Cinema 4D's dynamics system  isn't nearly as feature rich as a lot of other 3d packages, and desperately needs an update.

The better solution would be to rig the skirt with standard joint chains, or IK Spline chains, or even rig a lo-poly cage, and use that to drive the actual skirt geo with a mesh deformer.

To automate the movement of the rig, you can use some basic xpresso (Range Mapper, math) nodes, to drive the position/rotation of the joints, based on the rotation of the leg joints.

For an additional level of control, you can apply the automation to parent nulls, to get the rig controls into the general right spot, and then use the controls themselves to customize the skirt's deformation, to better fit the pose, or add some cloth movement, etc.

Hand animating clothes can get tedious, but this is the way to go if you want some basic movement, or very precise control without dealing with sims.

I hope this helps.

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