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Some references for scene nodes


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Here are some of my projects,for people who wants to learn scene nodes.

Thank you for you commects;I use C4D only,most of assets recreated form my early xpresso/python  projects (github);  

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thank you for this examples, and without sounding ungrateful, there is a lot of interesting things there, however, I find it really difficult to follow. Nothing is commented and it seems all was done in a real hurry. I found some comments on Korean (?) but the stuff you made is nowhere near to help someone start with nodes or learn them at all. Feels hectic and disconnected, but I will leave the option on the table I am simply not capable of processing that fancy stuff 🙂

Meanwhile, i took Cafe training for nodes and those are done really well and that upped my skills a lot. Try getting them to see how to make proper educational material, maybe you could try it too...

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Not sure why the facepalm. He states "for people that want to learn nodes". You can learn from his scnees only if you are already a programmer which 99,99% of C4D users are not. Sorry but this looks more as "look what I can do" way more than learning resource which is perfectly fine but then it should be advertised as such

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Those examples are super helpfull for anyone who has a bit of a background in scripting or other node systems, beginners won’t find it much usefull.Batz, you are just not the target audience. 

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