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Modelling Indented Text ?

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2 hours ago, MrMo said:

About the option you comment of create the mesh with splines... I'm worried about creating the rest of the object. Cause the great problem is this cylinder with the "212", but then I would have to close the bottom and create the top piece. So... at the moment I stop to work with SDS and start to work with lots of polygons, it's hard to get a nice and clean object at the end...


Yes that is valid concern with that method, but can be done in this case because the top is flat and it's not using SDS, so can use delaunay caps with that and allow some tris.


I agree with you that this is not stellar modelling technique - it is firmly in the 'quick bodges' department.


However, as much as I hate to recommend them, there is a tolerable half way house you can do involving horrible booleans which actually has some degree of polygon validity !


Consider this...




Here, because I have used a very high res plane, and nice uniform subs on my motext, a boole is actually very low-risk in these circumstances. This will also bend with no deformation AND gives you regular quads in chooseable segments from which to create modelled caps...


I would call that 'responsible use' of a boole - and moreso if you spend the 20 mins required merging points at the letter borders to get better topology.


Still inferior to modelling to 100% by hand of course, but often good enough for client purposes, especially when deadlines and budgets are tight.



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I had another quick go at the topo to see if I could get it any more regular. In the half hour I allowed myself, I think I got it a bit better, just by trying to keep my patching more columnar.






A tiny amount of deformation remaining, that we could invariably fix with a little more time refining and smoothing...


But were this a paid client job that I had a couple of hours budget for I would take the extra time to do it with staged subdivision and no control loops, which would truly give me a 100% deformation free SDS result. Or do it with volume builder in 3 mins flat, knowing the client probably won't give 2 sh*ts about topology as long the surface looks right, and make a massive profit ! I jest of course; that would be wrong, but the point remains...



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Wow, I have to say it. It so nice not only to find fast answer to my question but to see a truly implication. 


In fact, now that I know the main problem was the topology I've start to improve it and get better results. 

Well, I'm gonna need some time to re-study my modeling technique and what I can change to improve my topology, but I'll try to share the final result once I get a decent bottle. 


Thanks again for your advice and these ideas. 👍




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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I'd like to share my progress with this topic to thanks  one more time Cerbera & in case that the information might be useful for others.


The way that has worked for me was:


1 - Create a flat mesh/ plane with all the geometry, trying to respect the edge flows, distances, ... (I assume  the topology can be improved)


2 - Apply and SDS with level 1 of subdivision


3 - Create the bottle applying a Spline Wrap


4 - Once I have the cylinder, select all the words polygons, extrude and apply supporting edges.








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