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GPU rendering recommendation ?

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As I mentioned in the title, the rendering section of the forum is divided into sub forums for specific 3rd party renderers, and there doesn't appear to be anywhere to post a generic question, so apologies for posting this here.


Anyroadup...I've been using a GTX950 for aeons, and have just scored a GTX1070 from a friend (I always like to stay a few years behind).  As a result, I thought I'd dip my toe in the GPU rendering waters, but a "best GPU renderer for C4D" Google search results in the usual nonsense, so I thought I'd ask here.


The kind soul who pays for my C4D will dig in his pocket for a GPU rendering option, and I'd like to get it more-or-less right the 1st time.


What would you recommend that has a nice balance of results, ease of use, speed, and ease of texturing. It seems to come down to Redshift and Arnold, but I'd like the opinions of people who use these commercially.


And yes, you're right, I haven't really explained what I want to achieve.  I use Keyshot a fair amount when I want a fast "pretty" render, so if there's anything that would give me that sort of result directly in C4D, that would be a bonus.  

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I'll pop that in System components / upgrades for now, which seems as good a place as any in our new, slightly pared-down / simplified categories...


I don't have a great deal of experience with TPR's,  but having worked with a lot of people over the years who use them I can offer an opinion.


So, for me, Octane wins the day for ease of use vs quality of results, but crashes seem to be frequent, and even though support is good and resolutions are usually found, this can be annoying when project deadlines are looming.


Redshift is not as quick and easy to work with, and takes generally more effort in setup and materials to get similar HQ results, but is ridiculously fast and almost never crashes.


I don't have enough experience with the others you mentioned to comment.


Lastly I will say this - make sure your UV mapping skills are up to scratch before you go TPR - having things properly unwrapped is much more necessary to TPR's than it is to the internal renderers.



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Having used both Octane for years and Redshift for a while now, it really depends on what you want to do exactly.


As @Cerbera already said, it's very easy to get very good looking results with Octane. In fact, you can add a sphere and an HDRI in Octane, put a material on it and it already looks photorealistic. The settings you can make are very barebones, 90% of the time you can go with default render settings (apart from switching between Direct Lighting and full Path Tracing depending on the scene). However, for me Octane was pretty annoying to work with due to numerous reasons. Yes, it likes to crash although when I still worked with it I managed to reduce the crashes by not using two GPUs. I don't think it was an issue with the two GPUs in general but rather because I used a 2080 Super in combination with a 1060 at the time.


Redshift is increadibly fast and if you're not after 100% photorealism and okay with learning how the render works (which takes some time) I would definitely recommend it. I've had it for a half a year now and I kid you not, it did not crash once even though I tried my hardest to get it to crash. The material system is more complex but way more flexible than Octanes but for basic PBR rendering the two don't differ much from each other.


I have not worked with Arnold so I can't comment on that, but I've only heard good stuff about it. It does seem to be very technical though so if you just want fast results it's probably not the best idea.


So in my mind:


Octane if you want easy photorealism, especially for stuff like product shots

Redshift if you value speed above everything else while not getting the easy photorealism

Arnold seems to be kind of a combination of the two, although I'm pretty sure it will be slower




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