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Can I animate 2 objects as 1 using mograph fracture?

Mat T

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Im trying to animate a text logo that ive imported as splines and extruded. They are in a mograph fracture object set to explode segments and connect. I'
d like 2 parts of a logo to stay together. Is this possible?


Here is how the logo should look:




Here is how the fracture affects it:




Thanks in advance. Im sure this is basic but I can't find the answers I need elsewhere.


EgoTechnics Title 001.c4d

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Sure, you can...

You could use straight mode instead of explode segments.

When you select all splines and parent extrude object and then press "C" key, you´ll get hierarchy with bunch of separated extruded objects. Select all of them, drag directly under fFracture object and rest of hierarchy delete. Now you have in object manager Fracture object with 13 extrude objects (path2 to path15). Since path14 and path15 are spline for logo, you need to create just single extrude. Select spline path15, drag into extrude path14, enable option "hierarchical" for path14 extrude object and delete empty extrude object path15...That´s all...

Don´t remember switch fracture object to straight mode...


scene attached...

EgoTechnics Title 002.zip

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