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Kingcoma's scrapbook

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Thought it might be fun to start a new thread with all kinds of stuff I'm working on or have worked on. 

So for starters: cats. I didn't want any pets. My wife wanted a dog. So now, we have 4 cats, 7 chickens and the dog is on it's way. The two ducks we once had, disappeared. We still think they're on a beach somewhere on a holiday or something. But anyway, the cats are all retarded and fun and each of them have their own little character. Bailey is a real lady. Looks at everyone like she's going to kill them, but doesn't hurt a fly and is actually the sweetest of all. Storm thinks he's invisible, and the only thing he does is sleep and eat cables. Preferably iPhone cables and computer cables. I really don't like that little habit of his. Then there's Flash. I once saw him on the side of the road. He looked at me, I looked at him. And I thought: 'I wonder how long it'll take before that cat is in our house..' The next day, our son came home and yelled: 'LOOK WHAT I FOUND!'. It was the cat. DAMNIT! =D My wife absolutely loves him, very cuddly and playful. And he loves food. ANY food. Finally there's Cookie, who doesn't know how to drink from a waterbowl. So for almost the entire day, he sits in the sink, meows the whole time until someone opens up the tap so he can drink from there.

So that was my inspiration for these funny characters!



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Awesome.  Personally, I am a dog person but I like the description of their personalities.  So how come there is no model of Cookie yet?


When you have young children, you have to address the pet issue.  I was not a pet person...pretty much dead set against living with any animal. So as a compromise, I wanted any animal that came into our house to live in a cage.  So we started with fish...then gerbils....then guinea pigs.  Well....14 years ago we ultimately got a dog for my oldest daughter who was having a rough time in the 7th grade.  She needed a goal to focus on to get through school that year so it was my wife's idea to promise her a dog at the end of the school year provided she get good grades, etc.  I was not happy with that promise, but realized it was the best thing for my daughter so I accepted it.


Well,  10 years later as she is moving out of the house to start her career after college, she says she is taking the dog with her.  I said no. I told her that the dog is no longer her dog. The dog has become my dog now.  So I bought her another dog.


Dogs have personalities, there is thinking going on and pretty soon you understand them and they understand you.  It is really amazing.  This probably explains why they ultimately become a member of the family....even for an anti-pet person like myself.



Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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I love this so much!  And I love cats!  Except my cat, Rosie, who looks just like Storm (or Strompie?).  She is such a pain.  In fact, as I'm typing this she's trying to walk on my keyboard and sit on my lap.  Now she's purring.  Ah, who am I kidding.  I still love her.

Great work, man!

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@3D-Pangel: haha, funny! But I wonder: how does that work.. A fish in a cage? 😄


@natevplas: when my wife is in the office here, all the cats are in the office as wel. One is on her lap, the other on her keyboard and the other two on the desk 🙄  


Another project for fun: We bought a new car last year, an electric mini. Way too expensive for what it is, the range they say it has is a total lie, but other than that, a really fun little car!

Unfortunately, they only had this available in 6 boring colors, so the plan is to have it wrapped this year, covered with stupid characters I made! To test what it's going to look like, I made the car in 3d and made a bit of an industrial background for it: the electric logo in neon (first try in neon, never did that before)


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@kingcomathat sounds about right!

And I like this "cute-ified" version of that cute little car!  Looking forward to seeing the wrap!  The neon logo is great- really detailed and nice.  The only part that feels off to me is the number of little segments you have on the inner parts of the two outer half circles.  Seems like too much to me since they could easily make that in 2 pieces or less with real neon tubing.  Although, I don't know what the regular logo looks like- maybe it's dashed lines?

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Well, it's a bit of a mix between two things: in the middle you see the actual electric logo (it's an E, but it's also a plug) and the outer circles are the 'gauges' from the dashboard. The left side is the e-power, the right side is how much battery you have left. And those are divided in exactly the amount of dashes you see in the visual 😃 

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So for the wrap of the mini, I needed to make lots of stuff. All kinds of stuff. Thought it would be fun to implement some personal interests, characteristics that define who we are or what we like. This one is based on my wife. She once said she descends from vikings. Allright. Whatever. And she also loves gardening and spending time in her vegetable garden 😄 


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