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Trying to make a big tree. I like it so far, but it doesn't look big. Any pointers how to make something look really big? Smaller plants on the ground? Smaller texture? Smaller leaves?



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Yes to all of your questions. Relative scale of surrounding objects is key. You could also play with composition and smaller camera lensing to make it look more like it's looming over us. 

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I agree, yes, yes, and yes!  In addition to smaller leaves, I think you need more branches and more "branchy" branches, for the lack of a better word.  This is a cool stylized tree, so I wouldn't want you to ruin it by adding too much.  One easier thing to try as well would be just make the trunk twice as long before any branches, and maybe add a knot hole or two.  You may also consider straightening the trunk a bit, just because large trees simply don't grow very high if they're this crooked.  They'd just fall over.  The trick with trees is that the size is almost directly proportional to their age, so making it look older could make it look bigger in some ways.

@EAlexanderis right that your camera lens can play a big role.  Also consider where the ground plane would be that a photographer would be standing, and put your camera there (lower).

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Great tips, guys! Thanks!


Something totally different, but also very fun to do, I made a visual to show possible clients I don't only do stupid characters =D



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1 hour ago, kingcoma said:

stupid characters =D

Stupid? 😮 I would rephrase and say, very inspirational. 🙂

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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Made some sketches for a client and gave them three options. Unfortunately, they didn't choose this guy. I really liked it, so thought 'why not just make it for my portfolio?'

At the moment, it's still in a T-pose, but as I'm pretty crappy with textures, I was wondering if you guys had some tips, especially for the clothes (shirt and safety vest) 

The helmet maybe could use some scratches and dirt, but I always seem to get stuck when it comes to shirts, jackets and pants. Does it need stitching, folds or creases? Dirt? Do you always have to unwrap this stuff to get the textures right?



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Well, they only saw the sketch, and are still discussing which one they'll take. 

Finished with the rigging! HAPPY! Too bad I'm still stuck on R21, R23 has this cartoon rig? Don't know if it's something handy and easy to use. This took me about 7h from start to finish, but I do start from scratch. Not the biggest fan of the charactercomponent, for a bit more custom controls it gets too complicated and slows my program / Mac down a lot. Or maybe it's just me. =D



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