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Kingcoma's Sketchbook

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Made some sketches for a client and gave them three options. Unfortunately, they didn't choose this guy. I really liked it, so thought 'why not just make it for my portfolio?'

At the moment, it's still in a T-pose, but as I'm pretty crappy with textures, I was wondering if you guys had some tips, especially for the clothes (shirt and safety vest) 

The helmet maybe could use some scratches and dirt, but I always seem to get stuck when it comes to shirts, jackets and pants. Does it need stitching, folds or creases? Dirt? Do you always have to unwrap this stuff to get the textures right?



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Picked up this project which been sitting on the shelf for a while. Superman! And how blind the people of metropolis are =D  

Thought it might be fun to start a new thread with all kinds of stuff I'm working on or have worked on.  So for starters: cats. I didn't want any pets. My wife wanted a dog. So now, we have 4 cat

So for the wrap of the mini, I needed to make lots of stuff. All kinds of stuff. Thought it would be fun to implement some personal interests, characteristics that define who we are or what we like. T

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Some improvements:


- adjusted his shirt with a little collar and some buttons

- did some texture work on the shirt, vest and helmet

- made a new embroidered logo

- made the brown hair a bit darker


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Well, they only saw the sketch, and are still discussing which one they'll take. 

Finished with the rigging! HAPPY! Too bad I'm still stuck on R21, R23 has this cartoon rig? Don't know if it's something handy and easy to use. This took me about 7h from start to finish, but I do start from scratch. Not the biggest fan of the charactercomponent, for a bit more custom controls it gets too complicated and slows my program / Mac down a lot. Or maybe it's just me. =D



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1 hour ago, kingcoma said:

Too bad I'm still stuck on R21, R23 has this cartoon rig? Don't know if it's something handy and easy to use.

I haven't used it myself since I'm still on R20, but @everfresh designed that cartoon rig and it looks amazing!

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