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Anybody using U-Render?


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1 hour ago, Igor said:

@Arte First, thank you for your feedback and second, some questions for you if you dont mind. 🙂  For floating licenses, are you willing to install and manage a license server on your local network?  Do you need floating licenses only at your office or also for remote workers? Do they have access to your local network (e.g. through VPN)? Do you have internet access on the workplaces that need floating licenses for or are they offline?


Hello @Igor🙂

Sure you can ask. 🙂 For me, the more convenient way is online license management. We used to want to run the license server on our server, but since MAXON gave nice access to its my.MAXON site it has become redundant. The Redshift license is also managed by this portal, which is very convenient. The X-particle license is also controlled by the network, it is not as convenient as my.MAXON, because you have to remember to release the license on one station to take it on the other. It is troublesome when you forgot to free it on your laptop at home - it cannot be taken over remotely. So we don't have a license server. If it is not necessary then I would prefer it to be internet management. When working at home, we do not use a VPN, at the moment it is more convenient for us to run a cloud service on our server (it works similar to OneDrive or Google Drive).
That's why I need a license that works in the office, but you can also switch to home.
All employees have access to the Internet at all times, both at home and in the office. However, it would be good not to cut off work opportunities in the event of an internet failure.

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I bought an U-Render license some months ago hoping to use in a current project. The engine is pretty good and has a lot of potential but it is still not there. I was expecting something at least in the level of Element3D for After Effect, which I use a lot as an "indirect" render engine for Cinema 4D (I export the project from C4D to AE and then render with Element 3D). Unfortunately U-Render is missing a lot of features of Element3D, such as usable motion blur, decent depth of field, proper transparency sorting, etc...

But as I said, the engine has a lot of potential, they have been posting new updates quickly and they are very fast in answering your questions, both in the forum and by email.

Not just answering the questions but coming up with alternative ways to do things in the engine if they still don't have the feature you want. 

I think U-Render will be big in 1 year if they keep improving it. The Maya plugin will be big too and help popularizing the plugin. 


My suggestion for them would be to: 1) Use Element3D as a minimum benchmark. 2) Focus on being faster. U-Render should be real-time, like an game-engine. Currently, when you turn on all the bells and whistles, it's not that much faster than Octane 3D in a fast GTX 2080 Gpu.

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Thanks for the feedback @hikarubr I agree with you, but I feel there is sometimes a misconception of what U-Render is and how to work with it. There is no doubt we need to do more and we will and we are doing them as we speak. One thing people need to understand is that  gaming engines are stand alone softwares and have all the freedom to do and optimize things as they want, not to mention man power. We are bound to C4D which have its own pros and cons. I personally see a lot of potential too, that's why I joined the team last year, coming from Maxon, but for some things we will need a bit more time. Its not everything about big features, we also need to make sure workflows are right for the app we support, plus bug free as much as possible. One of the reason why we introduced a dedicated layout in latest update is to create a fundation which will provide us with an opportunity to do more unique things like new Smart Presets which have some unique features when applying them. If you watch a tutorial about new layout I recorded you will see what I am talking about. Anyway, keep watching our progress and I am sure you will be happy as we push forward. We will also soon announce our new Discord channel so we can have even more close communication with everyone. 🙂 

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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19 hours ago, Igor said:

Thanks for the feedback @hikarubr I agree with you, but I feel there is sometimes a misconception of what U-Render is and how to work with it. There is no doubt we need to do more and we will and we are doing them as we speak. 


Oh, I understand that. That's why I didn't compare U-Render to Unreal Engine, for example, but to Element3D V2 (https://www.videocopilot.net/products/element2/), which is a 2015 plugin for After Effects that basically works as a game engine inside After Effects. I understand that a small company like U-Render can't compete with Epic Games and Unreal. Another good comparison and more realistic comparison would be Pixelberg (http://frostsoft.blogspot.com/p/fssoftware.html#Pixelberg), a C4D plugin that it's similar to U-Render but did some stuff better (e.g. Depth of Field, Lens Distortion, faster render times, etc...)

As I said, I do think that you guys are doing a great job and can't wait to see what you will release next. 🙂 

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Interesting, didn’t know about it. But I see it only supports C4D 21 and downwards. Looks good too, Ill test it tomorrow and let you know my findings, I am really curious now. 🙂

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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