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How to add particles to this simple setup

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Hey guys, newbie with X Particles here. I just want to do a very simple thing but it seems to be going nowhere. I am using a Disc with a Noise Shader, and just want the sphere particles to move based on the Noise and Stay on the plane. When i add an XPSpeed or XP Turbulence the spheres get all crazy and float up in the sky. I want a very simple thing: for the spheres to STAY on the plane and just move in a wavy way just as the Noise shader. How can i do that?


Attaching what i want to do exactly, just have the particles follow that wavy movement with possibly a little bit of turbulence but staying exactly on that plane all throughout that animation.





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Thank you so much! 


I have managed to use that, i added an XPOcean and the result looks good, however i have 2 questions:


is there a way i can change the shape of XPOcean to be a Disk instead of a rectangle? As i want to fit it inside this circular shape



And one more question: is there a way i can avoid having particle collision without using XPPCollisions? The particles are too many, that would destroy my computer if i add the XPP Collisions, so i need to find alternative ways. I have already ticked "No Intersection" in the emitter and made the distance 1 cm, but im wondering if there is another way to have better collisions without it being too hard for the computer to process.





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I can answer the first bit of that. Just boolean intersect the editable ocean mesh with a cylinder to make it round. In this context topology is unimportant.



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