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Water Drips Like on a Glass Fountain

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I am new to X-Particles and for the last couple of days I've been watching plenty of tutorials to try and achieve something I believe should be pretty simple for an expert, but as a beginner I'm having lots of trouble. Here's an image reference of what I imagine:


I think I am gradually getting there, but I would greatly appreciate some tips from a pro.

The main issue I'm having is that the fluid seems to bounce off the surface (image below).
I am also uploading the project file so you can take a look if you wish.

Looking forward to your expert advise,





xParticles Experiments.c4d

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I would never, ever attempt anything like this with a particle system. This is a prime candidate for an animated texture in the Bump / Normal channel of the material.

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Yeah, don't use XP on everything just because you have it 😉 The normal rules about choosing the right tools for the job still apply even when there are shiny new toys to play with !

However, whilst you can get a pretty passable result with materials or displacement, I think you can do this with particles, and probably without recourse to a full liquid simulation, but you do have to find a way to make the particles stick to the surface the whole way down it, and eliminate the bouncing, which doesn't really happen at all in this sort of water-down-glass type arrangement.


I don't have XP so can't tell you how to do that but I feel sure there must a be a way...



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thank you both for the advise!
my initial set-up was an animated texture with shader displacement indeed. i thought X particles could give me more fluid-like results though. so it would still be very helpful if anyone who does have x particles could advise me on the right properties to tweak to eliminate the bouncing and make the particles stick all the day down. I am not only looking to achieve a result, but I am also using the project as an opportunity to learn more of X-particles so I can implement my knowledge to future projects.

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