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Problems with Motion Clips, legs and fingers are mirrored?? (Mixamo Animations)

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Hi guys, this problem is driving me crazy and I can't find anything about this online. 

All I want is to make a dance sequence with Mixamo Animations. I import everything in Cinema and create Motion Clips. Then I combine the Motion Clips in the Time Line unter the T Pose, so the Dance Sequence is on the T Pose rig. 

The first time I did this it worked perfectly, I adjusted some Pivots as well and everything worked fine. 


Now my boss wants to change one part of the dance. So I went to the original scene, where all the individual Motion Clips were combined in the Time Line and proceeded to do the same thing as last time. I imported some new dances and deleted the Motion Clip that I wanted to change under the TPose-Layer (where all the clips are). 


Then when I play the animation, the legs seem to be mirrored? But only the bones I think. The right leg wants to go where the left leg is supposed to be and viceversa. I think something similar happens to the fingers. But weird enough, the arms work fine, they are not "mirrored". 

When I import the new Dance, the model and rig look just fine, theres nothing weird about it. Its only when I combine two different animations together. 


I don't know if I have to change something in the settings when I import or what, but it is really strange, this did not happen last time! 




in this picture the model is just fliying randomly. You can see the rig underneath, that's what the model should be doing.. 




Please help! thanks 

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I did a lot of motion clips with Mixamo in the last year. Can you upload it?

1) Check if the orientation of joints is equal. If not you cannot blend them properly

2) FBX Import/Export in R23 had multiple Bugs in the begining (confirmed by support)


For more we needed the file



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