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Cinema 4D Indie version - What's your opinion about this?

Cinema 4D Indie version  

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  1. 1. Should there be a C4D Indie version?

    • Yes, Cinema 4D is too expensive compared to other packages and I've switched to another package or I am planning to do so.
    • Yes, Cinema 4D is too expensive compared to other packages but I'm not planning to switch to another package.
    • No, Cinema 4D is not too expensive and there's no need for a Indie version.
    • I'm not sure about this / I don't care.

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11 minutes ago, DasFrodo said:

Eugh, that sucks.


But I can't say that $2,99 is a lot. I certainly wouldn't have minded if I had to pay that during my time at the university.


I agree, as I said above, its not a lot of money.

But the attitude is what matters. Why create obstacles for your future clients?


It's obvious that MAXON does not care about educators and students - which in the long run, it will mean Cinema4D will become obsolete. 

Let's number all the anti-educator/student/recent-graduate decisions of MAXON:


1 - They charge the student for an student license (Autodesk doesn't. Blender is free)

2 - They charge the school for educational licenses (again, Autodesk doesn't. Blender is free)

3 - They got rid of the C4D Prime and Bodypaint 3D, which were very affordable versions of C4D, ideal for recent graduates. 

4 - There is no plan for a C4D indie version.

5 - In the educational version you can't disable that annoying starting page, with tutorials for beginners. Even if you are the professor, with more than a decade of Cinema4D experience.

6 - When you complain about point 5, the costumer manager condescendingly tells you that you should be happy, because that's a fair trade for a free license - never mind that my school PAID for the educational license that I use. 


I think there is a serious danger of Cinema 4D going the way of BodyPaint 3D - once the industry standard tool for texturing painting, now just a distance memory, a curiosity. 


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