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Hello from Finland!

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Hi all,

A 3D animation artist from Finland. I've been C4D user for 18 months now. I have been doing 3D for still imaging for 20 plus years, and 10 plus in animation. Plenty of background in 3D in various programs from Electric Image and Stratavision, to DAZ and Bryce 3D, some in 3dsMax, some Maya, lots of Element 3D, a detour through Keyshot and now practically all in Cinema 4D. R20 permanent license with Redshift and xParticles. Initial training mostly through GSG(+) tutorials and courses.
I mostly do work for industrial design companies for marketing and presentation purposes.
Latest showreel below, includes stuff done in C4D, Element 3D and Keyshot.
Great to be here, sounds like the place to be for deeper dive into the software.
Plenty more to learn!

Best regards, Kalle

Voyant Pictures 2020 showreel on Vimeo

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