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Houdini Tests and Impressions

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7 minutes ago, bentraje said:

ah yea yea sure sure. just post the discord link and I'll join 🙂

Great, any suggestions for the name? 😊 

H4D Cafe 😁

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Getting fancier with FLIP Sims!   Chocolate.mp4

It's something I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 39kj2PmOtw.mp4

Cheers Das! Yeah I'd say you're right there 😅. I was finishing some Ascent lesson around that time which were in Redshift so most likely needed the license for those renders. 2020 such a blur. 

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Just wanted to mention, if anyone else wants to join us, feel free to do so. We gonna try and have fun, learn together, chat, talk and stream. Ill probably stream often while I am learning, so feel free to jump in if you are interested in Houdini. 🙂



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So to sum up for today. Ron and I had spent at least 3h trying out Solaris and Karma (I was streaming over Discord and he was he was watching and we were trying figure things out together). Must admit I had a blast, lot of fun. And this was the result! Its 1min render screenshot taken from viewport.




Solaris Network


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Todays progress with Sketch and Toon shader and Mantra renderer. Took 3 seconds for this render and still a lot of room for different styles.

Inspired by @everfresh :cowboypistol:






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@DasFrodo and I have kind of battle of the apps, motivating each other to push these renders as much as possible.  This is what I have managed to do so far. This is within Houdini and Mantra renderer.  :clint_eastwood:


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Hey guys, just wanted to share latest learning adventures with Houdini. Obviously its a scan but render setup is mine. Was just playing around and trying to learn more about rendering in Houdini. I definitely decided to use Renderman for Houdini, its epic, its fast its amazing. I did this in a few hours after installing it. Never before I have touched that render engine, not sure why though. This is my result for today...




I also managed to do some modeling with Houdini. Have in mind this is my first try doing modeling with Houdini. As you can see not the best model you ever saw, but the point is to understand what you are doing and how, which I am slowly accomplishing it. Approach to modeling and in general is totally different in Houdini, so switching to Houdini after 7y of C4D is not easy task, but definitely not impossible and hard as many think. I would even say some things are even easier, especially when you start understand how Houdini is meant to be used. :cowboypistol:



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Peer pressure is real man. I've spent the last couple of days diving into it as well and man... it's so different. There's so many concepts that no other software has and so many things that are just done in a weird or "houdini'ish" way.


One thing that I really don't like about it is that it often doesn't tell you why something doesn't work. Or to be precise, it "works" but not in the way you expect it to. It doesn't tell you "hey this is not supposed to work like this, but rather with this" or anything along the lines which makes troubleshooting reaaaaaaaaaaaally difficult.


Yesterday I tried to add a simple roughnessmap to my material via triplanar mapping and it took me around an hour to understand that the triplanar node does not just take the output of a texture node as input, but you need to add a freaking constant set to string(file) to feed it the path to the texture.

Never once did Houdini help me understand this, it even rendered the texture, the triplanar just did not work and it looked exactly as if I simply plugged in the texture node directly into the material.


That said, I got some cool stuff going already. Did you start this thread for everybody to post their stuff in? Otherwise I'll just use my sketchbook.

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Feel free to post them here. As we are new to Houdini, I would rather have all the info in one place. We might move this to Community Discussions like Blender have one and see would others join us into this adventure. 🙂


Anyway, I can definitely agree about how everything is different, like completely. Its much more technical until you start to understand it. Luckily there are a lot of great tutorials you can follow and soon enough you fill start to understand the logic. I am one month into it and I am starting to feel much confident that I can handle it, which makes me feel good especially when 3y ago or more, I was unable to make a cut, now I can model on my own, but far from being a kungfu master of it. I am sure you felt the same when starting Cinema or any new piece os software you never touched before. If you ever used MoGraph or similar features, you probably also didn't know what you are doing wrong nor C4D was telling you, but you probably watched some tutorials for it. Same happens to me when I try diving more deep into MoGraph, I don't recall that C4D ever told me what I am doing wrong, its mostly trial and error. On the other hand, Houdini will provide you with some infor when you are working within Network nodes, like modeling etc. you always get a warning if you did something wrong to some extent. Now if you dont understand the logic of the program, even that info will not mean anything. Luckily Houdini have Help system much similar to C4D, or C4D have similar Help system to Houdini, not sure who started first with the idea. What I like more with Houdini is if you hoover over any test, you will get a brief explanation of what that feature or parameter is for, like bubble help in C4D, just better and more spread around across the software. You can also use F1 for more info about the feature! But like every other 3D package, it has its own Pros and Cons and definitely Houdini is not for everyone. 🙂

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