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So, what are you guys hoping for in S24?

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I do hate subscriptions. And I hate online activation / periodic checking.   Even though I have R21, I don't use it because when I don't use it regularly it loses the login credentials and I

Apart from what we wish for this software we must be realistic and try to see what is MAXON's real goal and what should we be expecting. To do this we also must see what is happening in the other

Wow, so you don't give even 1 year support for a (very expensive) perpetual license? You guys really went to the Dark side, huh? Not cool.  

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It'd be nice to see how much development has progressed on the new core and scene nodes. With R23 more character focused I wonder what area gets the love for next release. 

Multithread or GPU enhanced viewport able to handle trillions of polygons maybe? I'd say it will get to that at some stage in the future given the glimpse of scene nodes we got. 







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its going to be a subscription release. therefor I am not to exited. even besides that in the moment I really feel my excitement towards c4d has cooled down (unfortunately).

The integration of redshift is a must in my opinion (all the other packages have a GPU renderer), but I am not to shure if they will really do that. Maybe they will use it to increase the price.

I think they might get rid of some legacy stuff.

In the last releases we saw that quite some of the new features where free available (Open Image Denoise) or aquired (UV unwarping). I could imagine, that we see more like this.

they really seem to be into the new core we just can hope, that they improve fast. 

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7 hours ago, ilay said:

Scene nodes and a few features were failed.

Why do you think that? SN are work in progress!

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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I'm still on Perpetual so the S24 is of little current interest to me. I'll think about it when R25 is out, including all that stuff.

Also, I can't think of any stuff that I need immediately and that I am waiting for with bated breath. 's good, 's all good... 💤

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Now that i'm spending much more time rigging and animating there are two things that i would love to see some upgrades: 

A nice animation layer system that can work without the obvious limitations of adding or removing objects from hierarchy (motion tag has a serious problem when we need to add things to our rigs and destroy our animations). 

The other is an overhaul of xpresso, in order to make this system faster. Multithreaded would be nice :). 

And if it is not asking too much, some changes in the priority system. Those things sometimes are a drag.

and now that MAXON invested money in a sculpt app, what about some sculpting tools updates ? that would be sweet as well.


as for the renderer i dont mind having redshift as optional instead of integrated. I think its better to let users decide if they want it or choose another one. (unlike autodesk that make pay for arnold even if you dont use it in your pipeline). but they should reduce the price of packages in order to make users feel tempted to try it.



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We need some bug fixes.. and major improvements. 
The timeline copy/paste keyframe animation is a priority to be fixed in my opinion.
Also, a GPU and improved toon shader. The Sketch and Toon module is very limited at the moment, and CPU dependent.
Would love if it allowed us to use it just like the cell shader (letting me decide the overall gradients) and be of course, GPU based.

I would also love to see improvements on the NLA and core rigging improvements, 
I dont want anymore premade character setup (toon, etc)  I would love the core rigging to be improved. 
Specially the auto-weighting. Working on low-poly objects, the auto-weighting is a nightmare...

Some very nice changes happened from R20 to R21, like allowing us to delete a polygon from a already skinned object, without losing the whole weight paint,
Would be cool to see some of new improvements on that level again..


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I would like to have the basic stuff adressed, like the annoying windows bug that sometimes the HUD elements don't react to clicking any more and you have to go to the 4 window view and back to perspective view to reset it and make it work again.

after almost 20 years of using C4D I really don't know if I want to invest the time in learning the new scene nodes in C4D or change directly to blender. at work i still  have to use physical renderer an this feels so terribly outdated. but I don't think anyone at MAXON is working on updating it. we will see. 

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