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So, what are you guys hoping for in S24?

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To be honest, I lost faith in MAXON.

I just hope they give me a reason to not give up on Cinema 4D.

C4D is still my favorite 3D software but between Maya/3dsMax Indie and Blender, plus Octane for $20 bucks, it's hard (almost impossible) to justify Cinema 4D's price.

Especially when we need so many plugins to get the same level of features of Maya/3dsMax/Blender.

We need, at least, X-Particle's and Octane/Redshift to be at the same level.

They should just buy X-Particle and integrate it into Cinema4D, together with Redshift.


Oh, but I'm pretty sure they will have another update that no one asked (like Takes, Sculpting, Reflectance Channel, etc...), nothing that we asked and will keep saying that they are still working on the core.




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I do hate subscriptions. And I hate online activation / periodic checking.   Even though I have R21, I don't use it because when I don't use it regularly it loses the login credentials and I

Apart from what we wish for this software we must be realistic and try to see what is MAXON's real goal and what should we be expecting. To do this we also must see what is happening in the other

Wow, so you don't give even 1 year support for a (very expensive) perpetual license? You guys really went to the Dark side, huh? Not cool.  

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38 minutes ago, hikarubr said:

Oh, but I'm pretty sure they will have another update that no one asked (like Takes, Sculpting, Reflectance Channel, etc...), nothing that we asked and will keep saying that they are still working on the core.

I mean yeah, I don't use Reflectance or Sculpting, but Takes were a gamechanger and made many, many things sooo much easier.

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26 minutes ago, DasFrodo said:

I mean yeah, I don't use Reflectance or Sculpting, but Takes were a gamechanger and made many, many things sooo much easier.


I like Takes. I'm not saying is not useful or powerful.

What I am saying is not what people have been asking for years and far from something that should have being given precedence over other more needed fixes/improvements. 

I mean, we still don't even have real symmetry in Cinema4D! 

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If MAXON purchased Insydium, then I would feel good about paying the annual $1000 for a perpetual upgrade as you would gain both Cycles GPU and a kick- particle, fluid dynamics, n-systems physics engine.  


But honestly, I feel that MAXON has more to gain by that acquisition than does Insydium -- so it probably will not happen.  X-Particles is about 50% of the reason why I have not bolted to Blender.  The Insydium team has just done a tremendous job with their pace of development, training, and being very fair with their upgrade pricing.  


Doesn't Insydium also push out a new release around this time of year as well?   Their releases have yet to let me down --- always very exciting.



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we can wait for sclupt. because they buy this. also they buy uv tools. and we get it. im just seeing that: MAXON do not developing anyting excepting motion graph things. they think, world is 3d and 3d is motion graphic.  there is no game industry no architecture or other industries. 


MAXON have body paint. but in today, a company like allegoritmic takes whole game industrys  instead of MAXON. i remember beowulf movie ads and breakdowns. it was first serious full cgi film and paint works was done in bodypaint. MAXON can be king not only in motion graphics, also in texturing-painting too. but they refused-lost this chance. now there are substance for game texturing and mari for films...also 3dcoat or quixel. bodypaint? no one cares.... also you cant find some normal tutors for it.


so i think MAXON is interesting only with motion graphhics. maya and blender does moves to this area and i think MAXON have fear. scene nodes are just blocking blender and last character improvoments says to autodesk/maya, "if you come to my area, i will come to your.."  and there is forger app for same logic about blender. we will see it in c4d as a upgrade for sclupt, but its just  for blocking customers to moving blender. i think if blender goes just little bit non destructive like c4d, MAXON can lost  lot of customers to blender.


so i think we can see some good motiong raphics tools or finalised scene nodes.  also there will be little update for particles because of scene nodes. will be some sclupt improvoments.  if MAXON buy or lisenced a another tool also we can see it as "news" or update.  also epic game granted MAXON some money in previous year. so we can see epic skeleton in c4d or or some another pipeline  for unreal.  and last one, we can see realtime render. because of fear of eevee.


at least i think if we look at blender, we can see what comes in next releases of big 3d softwares. because of they have fear. because of they have industry and dont worried about loosing customers. because they are kings in own lawns. like c4d in motion graphics. but blender comes.it rises and its now a danger for kings of 3d industries. so in every area blender does move, others does moves too in that areas... its what we can see in next releases. a blenderized c4d.




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April 13th

3D & Motion Design Show

"...Some exciting news and announcements from MAXON"


Looks like you guys won't have long to wait. As a perpetual customer I'm happy to have saved last year's typical upgrade cost.

It'll be interesting to see if the pace of development has increased under DMcG. I imagine it has, but whether they make progress fast enough remains to be seen. In 2021 there are lots of alternatives.

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I know, it's a fundamental thing, but:


Whenever you start something new (dynamics, cloth, materials, voronoi fracture...), you should be able to start from presets that mimic real-world behaviour.


It's sooo tiring to fiddle a way from a basic setup to something convincing. 


Of course, there must be be freedom to explore every setup imaginable -- but I think, it's much easier from a user's perspective to start from "real world" and work to something abstract than the other way around...














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I think if viewport perfomance becomes like houdini, it will be a blast, i dont need other features personally. I struggle with heavy scenes thats my main thing.

And i hope for multithreaded dynamics 🙂


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