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Rectangle selection delay

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Hey guys,

So here is the problem. Whenever I use "Rectangle selection" tool to select something in the viewport I get a very small delay. I guess you`ll have to turn on volume for this to get an idea of what is actually happening. Anybody knows where is the problem and how to fix it?

I`m using R23


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Does your computer meet the minimum specs for R23 ? There is a micro seconds delay when I do it, which is so small it doesn't even register with me as a problem.

But then again I wouldn't consider the delay you get a problem either !



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I dont know where might be an issue then, I checked all the minimum system requirements and they seem to be ok. This delay is kinda annoying because I dont get that instant feedback which was on R20.

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Looks like there are quit some issues with the new R23 unless I`m doing something wrong, I tried to render and this happened. Take a look at how the saved image as jpg. looks like (on the left side) and how it looks like directly in the render in picture viewer. The real time feedback is blurry. I tried to render the same scene in R20, it looks as sharp as on the left. Any thoughts? Maybe it`s hard to see due to image compression, but if somebody wants to see the original file I can definitely upload it somewhere without loosing original quality.


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