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UV Unwrapping Objects for Video Editing?

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This might be a half 3D half video editing issue but I could be completely wrong.  Perhaps it should go into miscellaneous.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to UV unwrap a cone.  Either I split the seam down the side and have no distortion

or get one easy to work with solid map that has distortion but has no seams.

The seam wouldn't be a problem if it was a texture I could manipulate in photoshop with some cloned/feathered edges.  But this time, I'm trying take the UV map and edit/composite stuff on top of the outline inside of AE.  This is a good example of what I'm going for.

I've never done anything like this and I'm really wishing that it could have been a "flat" surface like the face of the building because I'm finding tons of videos on how to do something similar but not for this weird primitive shape.   Lol maybe there is a software for this exact purpose that I'm just not aware of.

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Maybe there is dedicated software, but I am not aware of it either ! It's difficult to know what to do with that until you know exactly how it would be projected in the real world. But seams are inevitable with UV mapping - it is simply not possible to wrap a 2D object around a 3D one like this without one or more of them, so that footage on your reference will have been created specifically and carefully to have a seamless meeting point at the designed seam(s), so the colours at one edge will match those on the other side, so that the join is not noticeable. In less sophisticated setups like these they may not even bother with that, and will just position the seam at an angle where nobody can view it - ie they hide it round the back of the display somewhere where the public / audience can't get to !


The more I think about it the more I think your second option above is the best one. With the first option you mentioned, and indeed with the 3rd option I thought of, (which was to do a top down projection and relax that) the distortion is simply too great to make these work with regular aspect video footage. Then again, I haven't done this before either, so maybe wait for additional input from those that have before making any firm decisions !



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Oh yeah, I forgot about that top down view when I was going through the maps.😮  Thanks for the input!
After a day of digging, I think I might have to go into the projection mapping crowd to find more answers.  There is software/hardware out there like MadMapper, TouchDesigner, and Resolume to name a few that are specifically tailored for those sorts of projects.  It'll be interesting figuring out where the 3D, Video Editing, and UV Projection Mapping meets and how they work off one another.

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