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Edge Slide copy problem

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I'm trying to follow this lesson from MILG11 (05_06 Boolean Strategies). At one point, the instructor uses the Edge Slide tool to copy the edge where the cylinder meets the base. When I try to do it, this one edge (highlighted below) won't slide copy out. All the  other segments along that edge, no problem.


I've tried recreating the steps leading up this many, many times. Also tried executing with the CTRL key modifier vs "Apply" from the tool menu. No dice.


The two objects have already been joined into a single mesh. All points optimized. Normals all facing the right way.


I'm using R23...could there have been some change it Edge Slide's behavior since MILG11 was created? Or possibly a bug? I've exhausted every other possibility I could think of.


Thanks in advanced for any help offered! I've attached a file here.





05_06_BooleanStrategies EC.c4d

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Not sure, probably bug or different behaviour. What is interesting, if you disolve triangles into n-gon on ending part of capsule, slide in copy mode works correctly...





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If you are running R23, why did you put R16 Prime in your profile information ?! Please update that so people are not confused.


I don't know for sure, because I don't know what version MILG11 was created in, but the slide tool has undergone some changes as it was migrated more fully to the new core. So have other components you have used to get to this point,  so it is quite possible that ngon lines are not being placed identically to how that happened in previous versions, which may affect the functionality of subsequent ctrl-sliding. 


However it does work in R21, and usefully so, so I will make sure MAXON are aware.


Fortunately there are many more ways to get that done in Cinema, and so that's what we should do instead for now...




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