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Stop clones intersecting & only rotate in 90 degree increments ...

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Is there a way of forcing intersecting clones to 'push apart' from each other - but also constrict their rotation (in all dimensions) to 90 degree increments?


I've experimented using dynamics with zero gravity & the 'follow position' / 'follow rotation' to remove the intersection but am struggling to get the clones to follow this rule and only rotate in 90 degree increments.


Any ideas on how to achieve this would be great,



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About the intersecting clones, I am scared to suggest something like "have you tried the push appart effector" and maybe it is something more complex you wanna achieve? 
Buuut... have you tried this effector? 🙂

About the 90 degree increments, you might want to use  the formula effector, 
Rick Barrett made an awesome short tutorial on how to achieve that: 


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Thanks @Flima 🙂

Slightly more complex than that tutorial in that I want to use various sized objected in the cloner & I would like them to be touching (but not intersecting).

Imagine a 3D grid with each cloned objects size being an integer of the grid - e.g. 10, 20, 30 etc - so they fit within it perfectly - if that makes sense?

This also means the push apart effector won't work as it doesn't take into account a clones dimensions.

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Ufff, yeah, I think I know what you mean. 
I ran into a similar issue in the past, and ended up changing the whole idea since I couldnt achieve the result 😞
Hopefully someone has a better solution here for you!

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