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Sketch won't render lines on boolean intersection

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I have a very basic boolean setup consisting of a sphere from which a cylinder, with its slice animated, is subtracted, creating a pacman like effect. This setup works just fine but when I try to render it in Sketch and toon, whatever i try, I only get the outline. I have tried activating all of the different line settings, changed culling, put the boolean under a connect object etc, but I still just renders it as a single sphere, and seems to ignore the subtracted slice, along which edges I need to also have lines drawn.


Does anyone know why this might be?

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Somehow I completely missed your replies before, but thank you!


I ended up solving it through baking the whole thing as an Alembic, which works just fine. My guess is that S&T can't handle the boolean properly, or I have just overlooked something 🙂

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