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R21+ Redshift 3.16 scene nodes converting to R20 nodes?

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Hi guys


In a bit of a predicament as Im have to revert back to working back in R20 for now.  The problem is my scenes have been made up from r21 or higher and no longer have access to these version.  I loaded up a project I made for a client and realized Redshift Scene nodes are broken, they did not convert back to the standard node system prior to these changes.  Not only has this messed up the textures and materials, but I have some more advanced set ups where displacements are driven by morphs.


Is there a way I can convert these scenes to work in r20 in such cases as I cant do this with RS tools within R20?




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So do you want your scene to be rendered in R20 with RS or use C4D's material nodes?  If you want to keep using RS, the current version of RS can run in C4D R19 or higher.  For the scene created in a higher version of C4D (21 or higher as you stated), why couldn't you export it to FBX and then create an RS library file of  all the materials.  You then load RS onto R20, import the FBX file and then load up the library and apply the RS materials?


If you want to use R20's material node system, I really don't think there is a quick way to port RS materials to C4D material nodes....other than taking a screen shot of the RS node set-up for each material for you to follow in recreating it in R20 material nodes.





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Hi Dave, thanks for your reply.  I had access to r21 again since writing this thread and tried to convert the materials using RS tools but that didn't work.  I would assume saving materials library would just keep the node space the same which is not compatible with R20.  What happens with the conversion is a material converts to a standard material only it cant be used, no nodes or parameters. 


The only way would have been for r21 and above  to be able to converted RS node space back to xpresso Node space, but RS tools fail to do this.  Your left with Xpresso material thats missing the nodes.



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