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Character Dynamics Plugin

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we are looking for someone who can help us build a ragdoll plugin for Cinema4D


This will be ideal for human rigs, primarily with the Mixamo structure. We would like to use C4D's fast rigid body dynamics to make this happen. Sphere based dynamics appear to be the fastest, but we are open to any route that works well!


the awesome Chris Schmidt shows an effective way of building a ragdoll rig in C4D using connectors and the Figure in C4D Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcwNSry-R9o while this is pretty effective, it it still time-intensive. We'd like a one-click option, something that doesn't require re-scaling or too much manual adjustments to get the dynamics rig to 'fit' to the character


Our goal would be to have a ragdoll system that can go from animated, Mixamo  movement (or other keyframed animation) right into dynamic and reactive ragdoll. We happy to work with project-based rates, although for something of this scale, an Hourly rate may make the most sense.

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