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Hello, I'm Haruko

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Hey everyone,


I'm Haruko and I'm a longtime, largely self taught Cinema 4D user. I started doing 3D when I was around 13, before there were things like School of Motion or Motion Design School. I learned from Deviantart, Shadowness and random books from back in the 90's before everything was digital and Youtube was a thing. Anyone else remember this or am I just aging myself?


Anyways, I'm a Creative Director that works in branding, packaging, photography and 3D product visualization. My longest, most contentious love affair has been with Cinema 4D.  I used it obsessively until I was around 21 and then stopped for basically 9 years after feeling like I wasn't a great fit to work in the CG industry. I got back into it in 2020 when I ended up having a ton of free time cooped up in my apartment during quarantine. 


I'm really happy to join this community and hope I can help some people out! I use Cinema 4D R23 and Redshift.


Here's some things I've made:


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Welcome to the Core 🙂


Very nice renders, particularly the pearl bag one. And good to have experienced RS people helping out !


Enjoy your time here



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      Make a hat fall through the air with controlable turbulence, lift and wind???

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