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Whistle for Me - Short horror animation

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I just decided to rake a chance and empty my bank account. I am not sold on the m1 chips yet and it was cheaper to get this  than to update my v19 of cinema. I honestly think I will overall, get more out of the new computer right now. I am still not used to my applications just opting open so fast! 

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Finally made some progress, not much. The lighthouse and house are temporary. The lighthouse will be destroyed and the house will look very different but I think I have the setting I want and I am using the physical sky to create the atmospherics to help show distance. The water is just a plane with a displacers and hot4D with little back and forth animation to show waves coming in and out. The ship shows up later in the film but since it has to be there eventually I thought ti should be in the lighting set up.  The script is only a page long so once I get everything made and set up it shouldn't take too long to animate though I have some challenges and effects to figure out as I go along.This rendered in 20 seconds or so with the new machine which made me very happy! 

Beach set V2.jpg

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Much closer now to what I envision . I removed the house until I can get to work on the real model of it.  Working with the textures and local length 80mm seems my better to me than the default C4d 36mm. 

Beach Test3.jpg

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You might be right. I have admire details and the shot looks off and flat to me now. I might 55 as that is my standard with real cameras for this sort of shot unless I go wide angle. Have to start the house inside and out as well as the character which I decided would be a woman. 

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Used softer shadows and added some colour to the light as well as changing the focal length. Much better. I like this sky better as well.  I need to figure out why the tree on the hill has a white outline as well. 


Beach set V4.jpg

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3 hours ago, Igor said:

Looking good so far. But clouds and lightning need some work…

Thanks Igor! Clouds are temporary. I am thinking of hand painting and animating them. Final lighting is a ways off I think, I hope something I try will work as I play around. After the house is done I think I will have a better idea how the lighting will need to be set up. I am using the physical sky atmosphere right now and I am not sure it is the best solution! 

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Getting closer to what I want. The house is almost there. I like these clouds more and still some lighting issues to work out. I don't go for a very realistic look in these projects, more illustrative but it's tough balance to find. 

lighthouse test_05.jpg

lighthouse test_06.jpg

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10 hours ago, Igor said:

Those clouds looks much better. Water I think looks a bit to dark, from that angle I would expect to mirror clouds and those colors a bit more. 

Right you are! I will need to work out the sky situation, it will change throughout the film but the water will look better with those clouds replicated. I decided to use a cloud photo I took over stock and it looks much more natural I think. 

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