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Neutron Tracer - Free asset

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Hi Folks


Here is something resembling a production asset - Tracer. It is completely node based and offers following functionality:



Trace objects

-- In this mode Tracer generates trailing lines from objects centers

Trace Points

-- Generates trailing lines from objects points

Connect Objects

-- Connects centers of objects with lines

Connect Vertices

-- Connects points of all objects

Limit (Trace objects and points)

From End

-- Limits the length of tracing line from end to specified value

From Start

-- Limits the length of tracing line from start to specified value

Limit Amount

-- Limit value in frames

Trace Scale (Connect Objects and Points)

-- Scale the generated lines from midpoint


Obviously the setup is inspired by MoGraph but with some additional functionality.



  • Not as performant as one would want (some things under the hood have to change also)
  • Use at your own risk, this is experimental asset provided "as is" and as learning resource


Have fun 🙂


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