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HOT4D for R20-S24 OSX and Windows

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I have rebuilt Valkaari's HOT4D plugin for R20 through to S24 on both OSX and Windows. All the plugins and installers are correctly notarized with Apple so there will be no installation issues on OSX. 


This is not a free plugin. I have to cover my costs. 




Visit here for more details: https://www.plugins4d.com/Product/Hot4D


Should also work on the new Apple M1 chips in S24. I haven't tested since I do not own one.




All of Bob Walmsley's videos appear to map well to this new version. You can see all his videos on my website as well.


Here are two examples of scenes created with the R16 version of this plugin.








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11 hours ago, clarence said:

Thanks, this is nice! What are the differences between HOT4D and aaOcean?

You can probably achieve very similar results with both. Hot4D has a deformer and an effector, it can apply the foam maps to a vertex color tag. Whilst aaOcean is a deformer and a Shader. Hot4D has a nice looping option now thanks to the work by Valkaari.  I haven't had any time myself yet to use these for any project but you can find more info on both on my website.


aaOcean: https://plugins4d.com/Product/aaOcean

hot4d: https://plugins4d.com/Product/Hot4D


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