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R25 Expectations

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So folks, as every year at some point we start discussing next release. Seems like a good time to slowly do the same for R25. So what are your expectations, what would you like to see next and so on?:cowboypistol:

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Sadly this is the truth now. I also know many developers who have left C4D plugin development. With the cost of subscriptions and the fact that nobody wants to pay to help develop a plugin to its full

+1 on your entire post. Since the release of R21 I seem to have noticed quite a decline in plugin purchases ... that was until I entirely stopped the business due to costs rising way over benefit

Are they really?... Xpresso is a basic, easy, clear piping of position X into position Y that mortals can comprehend.   Scenes nodes is.... decomposing a global matrix, splitting a matrix in

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  • Indie license
  • Uhm, maybe S&T update? I know, unlikely, but as with some other cool things in cinema, this was top notch when it came out but saw no updates within a decade. Just saw the Toon stuff in Renderman 24 and this reminded me how cool S&T was already back in the day
  • USD / Hydra? Would make sense...
  • a non-destructive, adaptive remesher


  • Geometry nodes update
  • Some volume/fields stuff
  • More UV stuff
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I don't believe, that there are gone be any mayor maxon developed features before the Node core and object manager are done.

Will it be ready this version? I don't know, But I think that there is a fair chance that not.


Will they integrate redshift into the package? I am quite shure that they don't want to, because they would either loose money or had to rise the price.


Well they could come up with a Indie license. But that nearly for shure would mean to raise the price of the normal license to at least the double, but I don't think that price rises are smart right now


Thy could be bold and  give a version away for free that is complete, but striped of all plugin support, just renders up to full HD. And has no netrender support, only .stl as a export option and saves a .fc4d format, that can only be opened in a comercial version that is upgraded from the free license that saved the file.

That would be a real competition to blender and still be to limited for most professional work.


We are living in interesting times and I am looking forward to seeing what they will do.

But I really think they are not that bold and they will just try to survive the time they need to get the core done.

My bet is:

- a improved version of the node and object manager tech demo

- Some minor features that are mainly bought or plugin inspired or open standards integrated.

- Some old features removed (as they did in the last versions)

- some workflow tweaks

- somehow small improvements of existing features


best regards


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- Slightly different UI Design (colors, mainly)

- This and that, nothing special

- Remove license management in C4D, because they want us to use the maxon app

- Lot's of love for scene nodes

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Well, I don't have much expectations, and am not really looking forward to R25, as I am happy with using my R20.

But if they provide an Indie/Hobbyist license -without too much stripped down features- I might be tempted to reconsider and upgrade.

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My expectation since 2016 is always the same: Same well thought out new feature that is good but totally unrelated to what the users have been asking for years.

Thus, anything but proper symmetry, BodyPaint 3D upgrade, better character rigging tools, redshift integration, Indie version, Xpresso update, etc...

Oh, and they will probably make the UI uglier - they have been doing this since the last three versions.

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4 minutes ago, hikarubr said:

Xpresso update

I am interested why would you need this when there are now scene Nodes, just curious? 

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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