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Does stuff need to be baked?

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Hello everybody! a doubt in baking. do stuff need to be baked at all to texture? for e.g I am using a low poly sphere and have no intention of creating a high poly mesh into the low poly, do I still need to bake it? if I am planning to use that object in substance painter that is? and if i am planning to use displacement maps? i am a little alien to the subject.

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This really depends on what you need from your maps. If you only need Color (diffuse, albedo) information then you dont have to bake stuff and also not all maps are the same. For example, baking Curvature map is really great inside SP because it gives you nice flexibility in procedural workflows, which also means, your UV map doesn't have to be perfect. Same goes with World Space Normals. If you want to use TriPlanar projection then WSN is what you need to bake.


Basically what you are doing with baking is simply feeding the information into the maps (like displacement, height, roughness, ambient occlusion etc.) and then if you need them outside SP, you can use them. Also if you bake maps inside SP you will have much better visual representation of what you are doing and how your materials will look like at the end. 


So what is your goal, what kind of model and where you plan to use it and how?

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well I wanted to experiment with the mirrored UV workflow, where instead of keeping just one UV inside the UV space and moving the clones outside, I wondered if it is possible to use those Stacked UV's for baking and texturing. i figured i would get errors in the baking, but wanted to know what kind of maps that were baked could be useable for this method. I thought about this since, even though the mesh maps are useful, if the topology of a model is bad, it bakes incorrectly and I have to use manual methods of creating masks and feeding them into the input maps for various generators etc.


here I split the surface of the sphere into four segments and stacked them on top of each other , i created caps on top and bottom and stacked them on top of each other. I did this to maximize texel density I could get.

i did not go for a normal map bake too as I did not have any high poly object to bake from. I also planned on using seamless textures so the stacked UVs.

with this UV config, what maps could i be able to use from baking to aid me in my texturing process?




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Its simply better to avoid overlapping in general. Overlapping UVs can be useful in some cases but in the end could produce more issues then good. So better to have decent UVs and youll be safe. Whats more important is not to have stretching. Rule here is to mimic 3D polygon to be the same size in UV space, or maybe better, to bi the same ratio as in 3D space. If UV and 3D polygon doesn’t match, you will start seeing stretching in your textures.

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Just now, Voidseeker said:

can u help me with another doubt in the UV mapping process, i will ping you to it.

If I have a solution, of course. 🙂 

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