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how to create this effect?

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hello everybody. so i have learning about various UV methods for texturing lately and trying out mirroring UV'sSubstance-Painter-PBR-Metallic-Roughness-Alpha-test-_Read-only_-2021-07-10-14-45-09.thumb.gif.6a7b17df9f23830dfaeade1d6dfcfbb7.gif

now when I stack the UV's on top of each other. now is it possible to map the UV's in such a way that the effect shown below can be achieved while stacked?Untitled-1-_-33.3_-_RGB_8__-_-2021-07-10-14-46-32.thumb.gif.e7a1713a9d7347872552d0b35a225fdb.gif

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Enable radial symmetry inside substance painter and you will get the same effect. Your UVs will not matter because you are painting in the 3D space. Now, you might have issue due to UVs overlapping, so radial symmetry might not work in your case. Overlapping UVs are not usually good choice, its better to just try your best to always have decent UV, without overlapping..

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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but i dont want to paint on single UV using that method. i want you to consider the four quadrants in the second gif in photoshop as separate UV spaces, so when i draw on the space like in the second gif, it originates from a central point . when you check the first gif when i draw on the mesh, only 2 lines are drawn and the rest 2 are drawn on the other side. now is it possible, to make the UV's coincide correctly so that when i draw, it shows up like in the second GIF.


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I am not sure, but it seems like you are takling about UDIMs in this case. If so, then the answer would be no, because C4D doesnt support UDIMs.

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist | Core4D Contributions

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