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Building a skyscraper....floor-by-floor...

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Hello all.

 I'm sorry to bother you on such a wonderful afternoon, but I'm trying to assemble a video piece for a production reel (that doesn't highlight any of my 3D, ironically)  and I need the shell of a skyscraper to "fly" into place. First things first, I do not have a scene file, as I'm only in the layout stage...but I'm confident that this is the best means of getting my idea across...except that my mind is going blank.
 Now, I've tried utilizing dynamics and effectors, but I can't get my head around the best way to have the exterior walls to appear and fly into place without them looking to have been done with a rhythm or pattern. I've employed the plain effector to individual panels, then had them controlled with a delay and even a random effector (which went entirely to hell)...but how would I go about, more or less assembling a building around a frame that is being built moments before and have those panels/walls fly in without a distinctly obvious pattern?

Thank you so very much for your time! It's ALWAYS appreciated!

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Huh, its really hard for me to imagine what you really need in this case. Do you maybe have a video example of what you are trying to accomplish? 

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 Okay, imagine that there is a vacant white canvas. Now, a nondescript skyscraper framework...call it a cage structure (underlayment, concrete, rebar etc.) begins to materialize as part of a particulate effect (already worked this part out). As that structure is formed floor-by-floor, so to speak, the exterior walls begin to "fly-in" with a 2 - 3 floor delay as if hurled at the cage to their resting place as part of the building's outer appearance/facade. It's not so much an "explosion", but like a mechanical exploded view where the elements appear just a moment or two before they settle on the outside of the cage....giving the appearance that the structure was "built" by an unseen force.

Here is an example of something vaguely similar...except for the obvious resulting shape.

Actually, I bet that this could be modified to work as-is, IF I could figure out to get a "stick to surface" and with cubes instead of flat polys.


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Sorry man, but cant help you much here, I just don't have enough knowledge about MoGraph. But take a look at these tutorials. While they are a bit old, they definitely can still be used. 


MoGraph Demystified | Playlist - MoGraph - Core 4D Community


MoGraph Fields | Playlist - MoGraph - Core 4D Community


Xpresso Demistified | Playlist - Xpresso | Python | C++ - Core 4D Community


Those two links contain a playlist inside YT player in the top right corner, so make sure to check there for other lessons. 

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still seems a bit wide open at the moment, but I think if I was doing it then I would build the building first and then use the effectors etc ( multiple effectors with animated moving falloff ) to remove all the parts at which point you could animate them back in with a bit more finesse than you used to remove them.

You could use planes to set up the walls, using the width / height segments to layout any bricks / panel counts, then you can use those to clone onto in object mode, if you use a panel / brick the same size as the poly segments and hide the plane it gives you a quick way to move walls around 

couple of examples below, one moving in and one scaling up. Using a plain effector but with a random effector varying the clone weight.



Buildinblocks 01.c4d Buildinblocks 02.c4d

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