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Anybody tried Rokoko smartsuit on C4D?

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@AlexisB yeah, the prices for helmet mounts are ridiculous!! I have no idea why - I guess because there just isn't very much demand and it's super specialized? the chest mount we sell can work, and some people love it - but personally I would recommend just ziptie-ing a selfie stick to a bike helmet hahaha - no joke, it's what I personally do and it works the best for me. I go over what I do in this video here:


oh dearie the embedded video is VERY LARGE i DON'T KNOW WHY


in terms of clean up, I cover ONE way to do that in C4D in this video (i'll put it below so the massive embed is down there). there are a bunch of different ways to do clean up - the honest truth is that usually, even for large volume mocap that they do for marvel movies and stuff, there is always clean up, just the nature of mocap. you can get good raw data from our suit, and I don't do clean up often, but it depends on what you need exactly - need to scratch your character's chin? oh yeah, that's some clean up. need to just do a little dance for an insta video? usually good just raw and no clean up. just depends. this is my preferred method for clean up in c4d using the take system, but again, like all things cg, there are a million ways to do it in the end. and yeah, the bookings with our team can be a bit long, we're trying to hire up and so there should be more slots available soooonish. hope this helps - imo, our suit is the absolute best at the price point, but there are limitations and you just have to play within the sandbox and know those limitations to get the best results - it definitely isn't perfect. good luck!!!



edit** also! if you get any inertial mocap system that works over wifi - get a dedicated wifi router! key to have a router in the same room that you're doing mocap that isn't connected to the internet so that a. no one is streaming 4k videos while you're trying to use the bandwidth for mocap and b. there aren't walls in between your router and suit. just works better. makes it tricky if you want to be livestreaming to the internet simultaneously, but that's how you get the best results

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@AlexisB yeah, the prices for helmet mounts are ridiculous!! I have no idea why - I guess because there just isn't very much demand and it's super specialized? the chest mount we sell can work, and so

Rokoko creative director here, so obviously biased - but works well! you can also book a 1:1 demo with someone from our team and they can show you the suit in action (head to our site and you'll get a

Hi, I have been using a Rokoko Suit and the gloves recently, and if you know a bit about how to clean up MoCap data (e.g. with MotionBuilder filters) it is absolutely amazing what you can achieve with

this is so very informative on many levels, many thanks!


PS: i did watch the first video you posted on yt a while ago! it was recommended in my page

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On 7/14/2021 at 3:41 PM, Igor said:

And whats the experience, is it worth it? What about the price?


The Noitom one is not a suit but straps with attached sensors, so they fit me better than the Rokoko suit (okay, I need to lose weight...). However, the cables between the straps can be cumbersome and entangle with props. The newest Noitom version has wifi on all sensors, no cables, and seems to be more advanced; I thought about switching but then I missed the preorder window. (Also, this version cannot be combined in one recording session with the older model.)


A basic issue with all sensor based systems is that you wear the expensive tech. So, if you do a scene where you smash into things, fall to the ground, or fight some adversary, you have to think about the impact force on any affected sensor. I don't dare going into heavy action. The full-optical systems have an advantage there; a glowy ball is cheaper to replace 😉


The wifi works fine when not encumbered by the environment. In the garden, I can record at 20 meters from the (dedicated) router with no signal issues. When trying to demo the thing on a hotel stage though, I got repeated errors in a leg. I blame the steel frame construction of the place, as this never happened at home. You can ruin your session though by ripping out the connecting cables, or twist the sensor attachment, or move the velcro strip out of place. So, it is recommended to: (1) check your tech on-body before a take, (2) calibrate often, (3) look at the take in the editor directly after to find any issues that may have ruined it.


The old glove system that I have is not that good; perhaps the finger movements don't generate enough gyro force for those sensors (all sensors are the same, and the finger sensors work fine in the legs, so it's not a defect in the tech). No idea at all whether the Rokoko glove version is better, as I don't have these.


If you do recordings outside, take care that the ground is level. The garden I'm working in is not ideal, since the ground has dips.


The resulting recordings are noisy in a strange way. There are sometimes glitches up or down in the curve in a stretch of mostly smooth running, which need to be recognized and removed because just smoothing the curve will still keep their influence. I programmed my own suite of functions to check the deviations within the curve and its first three derivations, and which allow smoothing in various ways. This ultimately works fairly well to create good motion.


Nevertheless, the goal precision may not be as good as desired. If you have a suit available, try clapping your hands, touching your knees, tipping your opposite shoulder - these motions are easily off and need to be corrected afterwards. That's something Cinema 4D is not good in, as you cannot layer animations (unless you use that motion system). The Noitom software can recognize foot/ground touch points and others, which is nice - but it leads to a non-obvious issue: When the system has fixed your feet to the ground, and you start smoothing the curves (it's a forward kinematic system in the end!!!), then the end point of the limb moves away from the virtual goal. Your feet will slide.


Anyway. There are a number of issues with Mocap and a number of solutions (I have never worked with Mixamo, maybe I should delve into that) so whatever you think, it is not an out-of-the-box just-feed-into-character-skeleton system. It's good enough for live usage if you don't mind small glitches, but for movie production you will need some loving after-recording care.


(Then again, my system is rather old now, maybe the newest incarnations are so much better.)

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