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Do I need an e-GPU with Mac Pro for 3rd party renderers?

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Corona is really nice. Quick and easy to use. I use it for illustrations and while it’s not realtime on my setup, it’s much quicker to get an image where I want, compared to the built-in options. 

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an e-gpu won't help you if you wanna run nvidia cards on a mac with an OS greater than high sierra. Nvidia stopped driver development after that for OSX.   redshift and octane can both run n

You certainly have a point there! A serious case of temporary (HOPEFULLY) inflation due to all sorts of parts shortages right now.    My plan is to spend time in a good 3rd party renderer ed

Another Corona endorsement! The people have spoken. Very thankful to have this forum - I got a great suggestion I'm going to follow that wasn't on my radar. And as a whole this site seems to stay more positive than many others I've been on, with lots of help and encouragement. And when it is negative, it's far more focused in negativity about industry, software, hardware, etc - not just complaining as the first response to everything. At least, this is my take on the vibe here. 


thanks everyone!

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      Corona Renderer 7

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      Horizontal tearing in Sketch and Toon renders

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      Picture viewer much brighter than viewport

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      Make a hat fall through the air with controlable turbulence, lift and wind???

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      Corona Renderer 7

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