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PoseMorph - Does it react to added points?

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I was using my own Morph plugin for many years; sadly, the new core has made it impossible to use with the functionality I need (there are now important internal messages missing about the adding and removing of points).


So, I thought it might be time to use the PoseMorph tag. But it seems to react strangely to added or removed points.


Sometimes, adding or removing a point to the Base Pose works fine. I need to modify a new point in all morph poses of course if it is to be affected. -- Sometimes though, the point just refuses to change with the morph pose. It is stuck in its base position. Sometimes, I can change the point in the morph position but then it is stuck there, and the base position doesn't reset it. (It seems as if the automatism that includes a point in a morph pose is not working properly.) Sometimes, the point moves in the wrong direction during the morph (?????). Sometimes, a morph pose breaks altogether, and the result is a wrinkled distorted caricature of the original (arrrgh).


Is there a trick to make the morphs behave?

(I am aware how it should work. In most cases it does work. But when it doesn't, there is no way to contain the issue, and I cannot correct the error. It also happens erratically so I cannot even include a scene file.)

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