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Several projects available for freelancer(s)


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We have a project that involves building approx. 15 models of products like plastic bags and similar items. The geometry will need to be clean and compatible with smoothing modifiers.  Our render engine is Redshift.  Remote work is fine as long as you are self-motivated and able to work to deadlines.  


We have another project that involves creating 4-5 nearly-still scenes (from 3D stock models) for camera perspective animation. Little or no character work is envisioned.

Reply or send me a dm.


About Us:  We are a specialist product animation and visualization studio located in the southeastern US (a few hours from Atlanta).   There is room for future work – we often contract out general animation, texturing, as well as some particles / flows (X-Particles if appropriate).  The projects or parts of projects range in size from a day to several weeks or more.  We work closely with our freelancers, are very accessible to answer project questions, and meet as needed through VOIP and video calls.

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